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New York Rangers Fan Club

by Toby Ivey

October Prospect Review
November 4, 2004

With not much going on in the NHL in terms of hockey, Outside The Garden has shifted focus to the minor leagues, juniors and Europe.  We will take a month by month look at the Rangers prospects and give grades based on who is doing what and where, plus we'll throw a little information in there beyond the statistics as we find it.  With Europe and Canadian Juniors already starting, we can jump right into.  Here is the update for November, statistics for the past month and season included.


On The Rise
Zdenek Bahensky
13GP 4-6-10 18PIM
15GP 6-7-13 18PIM
After a hot start, Bahensky has cooled off a bit in the last few games, but overall October remains a solid month for the young Czech.  Bahensky is third in scoring among rookies in the WHL and drew praise from the Rangers brass in a recent meeting with the fans.  Has been playing in all situations.
Ryan Callahan
14GP 10-5-15 29PIM
16GP 11-6-17 35PIM
Callahan is 5th in the OHL in goals scored and continues to keep the pace in terms of his goal scoring.  With his performances so far this season following the US camp, Callahan could well find himself on the US Junior team in the new year.
Nigel Dawes
14GP 10-6-16 6PIM
18GP 12-8-20 6PIM
Dawes is second in the WHL in goal scoring and fifth overall in points as he perhaps has been the difference between Kootenay leading the BC division and perhaps challenging the Kamloops Blazers for one of the worst teams in the league.  Was selected to represent the WHL against the touring Russian team later this year
Chris Holt
6GP 5-1-0 .899 2.82
6GP 5-1-0 .899 2.82
To say the Mavericks' start to the season is a surprise, would be an understatement.  A big part of that surprise has been the play of sophomore Chris Holt who is pushing hard for a berth on the US World Junior team. 
Jarkko Immonen
13GP 5-6-11 4PIM
19GP 7-12-19 4PIM
JYP has been struggling this season, but Immonen has been one of the bright spots, consistently contributing on the score sheet and in the face-off circle.  Observers remain high on Immonen's potential in the NHL, though there have been a handful of games where his defensive contributions could have been better. 
Jason Labarbera
4GP 4-0-0 .964 1.00
4GP 4-0-0 .964 1.00
It's hard to have a better start to the season than last year's AHL MVP Jason Labarbera has.  With the Wolf Pack going 6-0-0-0 in their first six games, Labarbera has both benefited from and contributed to the team success.
Bryce Lampman
6GP 2-0-2 13PIM
6GP 2-0-2 13PIM
With the confidence that the Wolf Pack scouting staff have put in Lampman, it's probably not surprising that he's had a solid start to the season.  With two goals already to his name (he had 4 in 68 games last year), Lampman is expected to continue his offensive contributions while not shying away from the defense (+6) and even the odd fight.
Henrik Lundqvist
12GP 9-3-0 .930 1.75
15GP 11-4-0 .937 1.74
The accolades for Lundqvist continue to mount as he and Frolunda continue to lead the Swedish Elite League.  Lundqvist continues to play at or above the level of several well known competitors and was even noted to be the best statistical goalie in Sweden over the past three seasons.  
Dominic Moore
6GP 2-6-8 4PIM
6GP 2-6-8 4 PIM
Moore has been centering Balej and Wiseman on the Pack's most dangerous offensive line.  Having started the season with a six game point scoring streak, Moore has not only contributed offensively but has been utilized successfully on the penalty kill also. 
Greg Moore
9GP 5-2-7 4PIM
9GP 5-2-7 4PIM
This being his last season of eligibility in the NCAA, it appears that Moore has taken up where he left off last year.  In need of leadership, the veteran Moore has shown Maine the way to succeed in his work ethic both on offense and defense.  His 5 goals ranks him amongst the top 20 NCAA scorers in the early going. 
Jonathan Paiement
15GP 3-14-17 45PIM
18GP 4-19-23 57PIM
The veteran Maineiacs blueliner has attracted a lot of attention this season with his hot start and has even been selected to represent the QMJHL against a Russian prospect side set to tour later this season.
Jakub Petruzalek
14GP 10-11-21 14PIM
16GP 10-14-24 14PIM
Even when first round pick and line-mate Lukas Kaspar was out for two games with an injury, Petruzalek managed to keep scoring.  The 5'9" forward is now tied for 5th in the OHL in scoring and leads all rookies and continues to draw public praise from Ottawa's coach Brian Kilrea
Roman Psurny
11GP 5-7-12 16PIM
13GP 5-8-13 18PIM
With the attention on some of the other names in the Rangers prospect ranks, Psurny has to some extent slipped under the radar.  But as one of the few players who have scored at a point or more a game in the last month, Psurny remains well and truly on the rise. 
Martin Richter
13GP 3-2-5 6PIM
19GP 3-2-5 10PIM
Martin Richter appears to be benefiting from the addition of NHL quality players to the Czech extraliga.  The one time Wolf Pack defender has contributed some timely offense in the last month and has also managed a +8 while performing his duties.
Billy Ryan
7GP 2-2-4 4PIM
7GP 2-2-4 4 PIM
After being cleared to play for Maine two days before the season began, Ryan made a quick impact scoring a goal in his debut.  The offensively talented Ryan has already made a positive impression on at least this observer and we look forward to seeing him play for the remainder of the season.
Stephen Valiquette
2GP 2-0-0 .949 1.51
2GP 2-0-0 .949 1.51
With Labarbera the obvious starter, Valiquette has been left with the crumbs...a position he continues to make the most of.  In his first two starts for 2004-05, Valiquette has given up just three goals and has stopped 56 of the 59 shots directed his way.
Chad Wiseman
6GP 3-2-5 6PIM
6GP 3-2-5 6PIM
No Wolf Pack player has had more offensive chances than Wiseman so far this season.  Paired with Moore and Balej, the trio has been the leading offensive force for Hartford with Wiseman getting one or two great scoring chances each game.
Holding Steady
Jozef Balej
6GP 2-4-6 6PIM
6GP 2-4-6 6 PIM
Despite scoring at a point a game rate, there is the sense than Jozef Balej can still step it up a notch.  As the most accomplished player on his line, Balej needs to continue his offensive development and perhaps regain some of the form that he had at the end of the 2003-04 campaign.
Ivan Baranka
13GP 0-4-4 12PIM
15GP 1-4-5 20PIM
Baranka continues to be a steady contributor on the Silvertips who currently hold down second place in the US division of the WHL. 
Blair Betts
6GP 1-1-2 2PIM
6GP 1-1-2 2PIM
The hardworking Betts came out of a successful camp, just happy to be injury free.  The hard hitting pivot has already won over several fans, particularly with his commitment to defense and hard work. 
Joey Crabb
4GP 1-2-3 0PIM
4GP 1-2-3 0PIM
Crabb has a lot of work to do to meet his performance from the beginning of last year, but figures to get the opportunity playing on the first and second lines for the Tigers.
Brandon Cullen
2GP 0-1-1 16PIM
2GP 0-1-1 16PIM
Cullen was always going to have a hard time cracking the Wolf Pack line-up and things became even more difficult when he suffered an injury in camp.  The feisty winger did return two games into the season with the Checkers and is already back to his attention getting ways.
Brandon Dubinsky
12GP 4-3-7 27PIM
14GP 4-3-7 40PIM
It's fair to say that Dubinsky got off to a slow start this season, but the feisty forward has shown some signs lately of awakening from his offensive slumber.  Meanwhile he has lost line-mate Robin Big Snake to trade, after the rugged winger had a reported falling out with his team mates and management.
Rob Flynn
1GP 0-1-1 0PIM
1GP 0-1-1 0PIM
An assist in Harvard's first game of the year followed up by a goal and an assist in an exhibition game the following night has perhaps drawn a little attention to Flynn when little was expected of him.  The grinding forward is unlikely to contribute much in the way of offensive, but at least we're looking out for it now. 
Jordan Foote
6GP 1-1-2 4PIM
6GP 1-1-2 4PIM
Foote is considered a border line prospect, but made an impression early for Michigan Tech with a power play goal in his first game.  The young winger will need to step it up though as MTU looks to play some of the toughest teams in the country
Trevor Gillies
6GP 0-1-1 38PIM
6GP 0-1-1 38PIM
Gillies has provided plenty of willing fisticuffs to start the season, but remains a 4th liner for the most part
Alexandre Giroux
6GP 1-1-2 7PIM
6GP 1-1-2 7PIM
It has been a relatively quiet start to the season for Giroux after a successful training camp.  The left winger has been playing with last year's AHL scoring sensation Jeff Hamilton, but has yet to really benefit.
Bruce Graham
13GP 7-3-10 10PIM
18GP 10-5-15 18PIM
It's been a bit of an up and down season so far for Graham, who has managed a hat trick and a couple of two goal games in the season so far.  But with this being the QMJHL, the expectations remain high and Graham will need to pick up the pace a little. 
Mike Green
10GP 1-5-6 10PIM
14GP 3-7-10 20PIM
After a hot start, Green's production has dropped a little in the past month though it has been difficult to get information on how well he's been playing overall. 
Martin Grenier
5GP 0-1-1 31PIM
5GP 0-1-1 31PIM
It's been a bit of an up and down season so far for Grenier who has alternatively been slow and easy to avoid on to a physical presence keeping the opposition honest.  The some times reluctant pugilist will perhaps need to focus more on that aspect of his game if he hopes to move up.
Nate Guenin
8GP 1-0-1 15PIM
8GP 1-0-1 15PIM
It has been a relatively quiet start for the OSU defenseman this season, especially compared with last year's offensive contributions.
Sven Helfenstein
10GP 2-2-4 2 PIM
15GP 5-4-9 8 PIM
After a red hot start, Helfenstein has cooled down significantly though still remains on track for the best season of his career. 
Kim Hirschovits
11GP 3-3-6 4PIM
17GP 3-4-7 6PIM
It hasn't exactly been a breakout season for Hirschovits, but in recent games there have been signs of life.  Goals in back to back games, including the OT game winner and a first star in one contest have drawn some modest attention to the 2002 6th round pick 
Ryan Hollweg
4GP 1-1-2 13PIM
4GP 1-1-2 13PIM
Hollweg has really had to battle to get into Hartford's line-up to start the season, and perhaps was the prime beneficiary of the AHL's decision to expand the starting roster to 20 players.  A Gordie Howe hat trick (a goal, assist and a fight) in his last game has once again drawn attention to this energetic forward.
Marcus Jonasen
11GP 5-3-8 12PIM
12GP 5-3-8 12PIM
As with Bruce Graham, more is no doubt expected of Jonasen as a 20 year old in the WHL, especially when you consider his attendance at the Hartford training camp and his strong start last season.  Jonasen has slowly started to put some numbers up, but remains perhaps a little below expectations at this early point of the season
Hugh Jessiman
2GP 1-0-1 6PIM
2GP 1-0-1 6PIM
The expectations are high for Jessiman and Dartmouth this season and he will have to work hard just to meet half of them.  After deciding to remain in the NCAA, Jessiman began his game with a quiet debut in the televised loss to Quinnipiac and then scored a power play goal in Dartmouth's win last Sunday.
Maxim Kondratiev
6GP 1-1-2 4 PIM
6GP 1-1-2 4 PIM
It still remains uncertain as to whether Kondratiev will remain with the Wolf Pack, but it is hoped that the draw of playing with his former team mate Fedor Tyutin will keep him there through the remainder of the season.  Kondratiev has shown a willingness to take the body in the early going, but remains a raw prospect.
Lauri Korpikoski
8GP 0-0-0 2PIM
14GP 0-2-2 4PIM
Korpikoski was moved to the top line for TPS, before a knee injury cut short the month of October.  Despite not scoring any points in the last 8 games, Korpikoski remains one to watch as he continues to get plenty of ice time and opportunity. 
Lucas Lawson
4GP 0-1-1 4PIM
4GP 0-1-1 4PIM
Lawson remains one of the depth forwards for the Wolf Pack despite having a strong training camp.  With the team suffering several injuries, Lawson will no doubt remain in the AHL for the time being but will need to do more if he hopes to establish himself.
David Liffiton
4GP 0-0-0 2 PIM
4GP 0-0-0 2 PIM
There was perhaps some hope that the 20 year old Liffiton would challenge for a spot on the Wolf Pack roster, but it became a simple numbers game and so he was sent to Charlotte.  The young defenseman has played all four games for the Checkers and has reportedly been solid if not necessarily a stand out.
Steven MacIntyre
4GP 0-0-0 2 PIM
4GP 0-0-0 2 PIM
A fan favorite, there is little doubt what the rugged defenseman and sometime winger brings to the game.
Al Montoya
8GP 5-2-1 .911 2.22
8GP 5-2-1 .911 2.22
Montoya hasn't looked particularly sharp to start the season, but has still managed to win 5 of his first 8 starts and get a shut-out.  There have been flashes of last year's form, and it may just be a matter of him "warming up".
Lawrence Nycholat
6GP 1-1-2 4PIM
6GP 1-1-2 4PIM
It has been a quiet but steady start for the veteran AHL defenseman who missed one game with a groin injury but has since returned.  Nycholat and Lampman continue to operate as perhaps one of McGill's most trusted defensive pairings, though the former has yet to make his presence felt on the score sheet.
Rory Rawlyk
4GP 0-2-2 21PIM
4GP 0-2-2 21 PIM
Rawlyk returned to the Checkers to start the season and appears as if he will have to continue to work to improve his overall game and await an injury opportunity to get another shot at the AHL.
Dylan Reese
1GP 0-1-1 2PIM
1GP 0-1-1 2PIM
After an injury shortened season in 2003-04, Reese will be looking to establish his offensive game this year.  The young defenseman has gotten off to a quick start with an assist in Harvard's 2-2 tie to open the season and he has also contributed in exhibition games, including a goal and an assist last weekend. 
Juris Stals
4GP 3-0-3 4PIM
4GP 3-0-3 4PIM
Stals was no doubt disappointed about being sent down to Charlotte, but after a fairly disappointing rookie season the young winger has an opportunity to jump start his offensive touch in the ECHL.  In the last two games, he has done just that, including scoring the game winner in a two goal performance last Saturday.
Fedor Tyutin
6GP 0-1-1 8PIM
6GP 0-1-1 8PIM
Tyutin is clearly the most NHL ready player on the Wolf Pack roster, and it's a credit to him that he is willing to play at this level with the lockout in progress.  But despite is clear talent advantage, he has been relatively quiet on the score sheet, though not from lack of trying.  He already leads the team in shots on goal.
Jake Taylor
4GP 0-1-1 6PIM
4GP 0-1-1 6 PIM
Like Liffiton, it was going to be difficult for Taylor to break into the AHL in his rookie season, but in Charlotte he will get the opportunity to work on his physical game more and perhaps push for a call up as injuries occur.
Layne Ulmer
6GP 0-4-4 7PIM
6GP 0-4-4 7PIM
Ulmer manages to remain on the roster largely due to his ability in the face off circle and his continued offensive potential.  With some recent injuries, his position appears to be secure for the time being, but he may find some pressure from Dwight Helminen later in the season if the former Michigan forward begins to establish himself.
Craig Weller
6GP 0-0-0 6PIM
6GP 0-0-0 6 PIM
It wasn't necessarily a given that Weller would make the Wolf Pack roster this year, but having played with McGill in the WHL, along with the flexibility to play both defense and wing has probably allowed Weller to stay on the roster when others have been sent down.
On The Decline
Dane Byers
14GP 1-1-2 25PIM
17GP 1-1-2 38PIM
The Prince Albert Raiders and Ranger fans are awaiting the return to form of rugged winger Dane Byers, who has been relatively unimpressive in the past month, continuing his slow start to the season.  Byers is currently on pace for the worst season of his young career.
Ivan Dornic
7GP 0-1-1 5PIM
8GP 0-1-1 5PIM
After being a healthy scratch for several games, Dornic finally demanded to be traded or allowed to return to Europe.  After an unsuccessful attempt to move the Slovak pivot, the Winterhawks released Dornic and he returned to Europe. 
Lee Falardeau
0GP 0-0-0 0 PIM
0GP 0-0-0 0 PIM
After starting the season injured, Falardeau was finally sent down to Charlotte and is yet to play a game for the Checkers
Philippe Furrer
12GP 2-0-2 4PIM
17GP 2-0-2 6PIM
News has been relatively scarce with respect to Furrer, though he did manage to score his first goal since 2002 last month. 
Ilya Gorokhov
10GP 0-1-1 6PIM
20GP 2-4-6 14PIM
After a solid start, Gorokhov has more recently shown why has gotten little consideration for an NHL career. 
Dwight Helminen
0GP 0-0-0 0 PIM
0GP 0-0-0 0 PIM
After starting the season injured, Helminen was fsent down to Charlotte with Falardeau and is yet to play a game for the Checkers
Matt Kinch
10GP 1-3-4 6PIM
13GP 1-3-4 6PIM
Kinch's season remains disappointing as the RFA defenseman continues to look for his offensive touch in the lowly Austrian league. 
Aarto Laatikainen
12GP 1-3-4 12PIM
18GP 1-3-4 16PIM
Laatikainen's offensive and defensive numbers continue to be unimpressive, though he is yet to miss a game with the Blues 
Jeff MacMillan
6GP 1-0-1 4PIM
6GP 1-0-1 4 PIM
The expectations aren't particularly high on MacMillan, who was brought in to provide some veteran leadership on a relatively young team.  The 25 year old defenseman did not start the season strongly, but has settled into his position on the team in more recent games.
Jan Marek
7GP 1-3-4 8 PIM
12GP 1-6-7 10 PIM
Injuries and illness have marred Marek's play this season as last year's surprise prospect has struggled to stay in the line-up and has limited offensive production through the first third of the Czech extraliga season. 
Darin Olver
6GP 0-3-3 8PIM
6GP 0-3-3 8PIM
It hasn't quite been the start that many envisioned for Olver this season, though Northern Michigan has already had some degree of success as a team.  It is hoped that Olver will be able to break through this minor scoring slump to start the season and start to get the puck in the back of the net.
Ales Pisa
15GP 1-4-5 12PIM
20GP 3-5-8 16PIM
After a solid start, Pisa appears to have slowed down a little in terms of offense 
Petr Prucha
13GP 0-2-2 2PIM
19GP 0-3-3 2PIM
Despite a coaching change, Prucha still has had trouble finding quality ice time and partners for Pardubice.  With those kind of challengers, Prucha has reportedly been focusing on his defensive game and has been used to kill penalties. 
Ken Roche
4GP 0-0-0 21PIM
4GP 0-0-0 21PIM
It wasn't a good start to the season for BU and Roche, but it appears the fortunes of both him and the team could be changing.  After a mild concussion caused Roche to miss a couple of games, he was sent off in Sunday's match against Maine when he caught an opponent from behind and sent him into the boards.
Mike Walsh
5GP 0-0-0 8PIM
5GP 0-0-0 8PIM
Another who has missed a couple of games to injury, Walsh's season has yet to get on track.  The Notre Dame winger was expected to be one of the offensive leaders this year, but for whatever reason he has not been able to find the back of the net despite averaging more than 3 shots per game 
Dan Blackburn
Injured in 2003
More bad news for Blackburn who continues to make his way back from nerve damage in his shoulder.  The next evaluation will be done on Blackburn around Christmas this year, meaning he won't return this calendar year and may have the season in jeopardy once again. 
Garth Murray
Injured in training camp
Murray has had a string of injuries since turning pro in 2002, his bad luck continued this week with a broken thumb that will keep him out 4-6 weeks and is likely to cause him to miss 4-6 AHL regular season games 
Thomas Pck
Injured in training camp
Remains out with an abdominal injury
Corey Potter
Injured in exhibitions
Suffered a shoulder injury and is yet to play a regular season game
Richard Scott
Injured in 2003
Remains out of action with concussion like symptoms
Rick Kozak
0GP 0-0-0 0PIM
2GP 0-0-0 6PIM
Has missed the entire month of October due to suspension.

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