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Thursday - March 25th

With 18 days remaining until the NHL trade deadline, all is relatively quiet on the Rangers front.

Not unexpectedly, the Rangers are probably going to be minor players this time round, without much in the way of short term assets they would be looking to part with.

Clearly they would look at offers for those on short term or expiring contracts like Brendan Smith, Ryan Strome, Jack Johnson and perhaps the likes of Colin Blackwell.

There are no significant injuries to report
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September 29th, 2017

How many rostered players were on the ice for opening night 2016-17


Norm Lowe - 1928
Tom Laidlaw - 1958
Kevin Lowe - 1959
Kevin Stevens - 1965
Daniel Paille - 1984


  Born: Jun 28 - 1957  
  Pos: Center  
  GP: 38  
  G: 11  
  A: 12  
  Pts: 23  
  PIMs: 12  
Chris Kreider's speed makes him a lethal threat to defenses around the world.

Kreider Is Ready To Shun The Non-Believers
Posted by Jamy Baron ≡ 1:40:18 PM - September 10, 2011

Chris Kreider has all the tools necessary to become a bonafied power forward in the NHL. He has size, standing tall at 6"3' and weighing in at around 220 pounds. He is without a doubt, the fastest player in the NCAA and could easily challenge NHLers for fastest player in the NHL when he makes it. He has a lethal snipe that goaltenders fear. What he doesn't have, are the stats to back up the hype that surrounds him as he only has 47 points in 70 games at Boston College.

Many people were disappointed when Chris decided to go back to Boston College for his Junior year. The disappointment was warranted, but the hate was not. A lot of people were criticizing Kreider for not having any confidence, a lack of commitment, and a disbelief in the Rangers staff.

Gordie Clark, the Director of Player Personnel for the Rangers has stated many times that Kreider is ready for the professional game, but Kreider still decided to go back to school. The kid wants to get a degree, who can blame him for wanting that. He also feels that he has not played in enough games at the College level to turn pro.

After skating with the Rangers last week, which in itself shows his commitment to the team, Chris spoke to Jim Cerny.  "If anything, I will be more ready to go next year," Kreider said. "I really haven't played a lot of games in college---40 my first year, just 32 last year due to the (broken jaw) injury---so the more games I get in the better before I come here. I have had the experience of playing in the World Juniors and the World Championships, but this year I will have a different role on the ice and can be more of a leader. It will be good for me."  

Everything about that statement is true.

Kreider, playing under Jerry York has had limited ice-time at Boston College, due to York's favoring of upper-classmen. Next season, Kreider will be a Junior, an upper-classmen, and with the departures of key players like Cam Atkinson and Brian Gibbons, Chris will be the go-to-guy and will be getting top line minutes. He will become more of a leader and that can only be a good thing.

Yesterday, Kreider tweeted, "Up and at em. Time to get better" and "Body is ready. Drop the puck. #provethemwrong". Kreider is ready, he is anxious, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to get better and prove everyone wrong who ever doubted him. I for one am very excited to see what Chris can bring to the table next season. Go out and prove 'em wrong Chris!

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