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  ■  DeAngelo signs 260 10  
  ■  2 RFA's File for Arbitration - Dates Set 272 8  
  ■  RESIGNED: Georgiev - 2 years $4.85M 147 3  

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Thursday - December 5th

Per Elliot Friedman of Sportsnet:

Prior to the December 1st deadline, the Oikers apparently tried again to move Jesse Pujljujarvi, and the Rangers were reportedly one of the teams interested.

The trade would have involved Lias Andersson going the other way, but ultimately they could work out a deal.

There are no significant injuries to report
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September 29th, 2017

How many rostered players were on the ice for opening night 2016-17


Stephane Quintal - 1968


  Born: Jul 6 - 1957  
  Pos: C/RW  
  GP: 499  
  G: 164  
  A: 176  
  Pts: 340  
  PIMs: 370  

Down the Stretch
Posted by Pete Robinson ≡ - March 3, 2008

Well folks, it s the home stretch from here. The deadline is gone and passed and the Rangers have 16 games left in which 12 are against an Atlantic division team. What a season eh? The team has finally clicked and not a moment too soon. Keeping Nigel Dawes and Ryan Callahan in the line-up has been a complete success. The 1st line, Avery-Dubinsky- Jagr, has been absolutely amazing. Things are looking up on Broadway.

Let&s look at the new guys. First of all, both scored yesterday afternoon in the Philly route and are now starting to meld with the team. Christian Backman2s first game with the Blueshirts, against the Carolina Hurricanes, was less than stellar. He took a sum of 6 bad penalties and had a double minor put on poor Marc Staal, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Since then, Backman, who is 6&4 200 lbs, has picked up his game a little. Though he is no Girardi, he might do well if we give him the chance or if Tom Renney uses his offensive skills correctly.

Freddy Sjostrom (6&1, 217) was quiet his first time in the line-up, but showed he definitely has some speed. Used on the 4th line, he&ll be a good asset against speedy teams on defense. Yet, yesterday he showed that, wow, the 4th line can actually score too, with a goal against Philly (an assist by Blair Betts, who hasn&t assisted a goal since9..uhh..trivia question?). With his speed and skill with the puck, he may stay on line 4, replacing Ryan Hollweg (anyone else tired of that Rock Band promo?) and with Petr Prucha coming back, looks like Orr will be out as well (most likely a scratch until we face a checking team).

So with 16 games, 9 of which are against our own division, could we win the Atlantic? I believe so. Anything is possible in New York, right? Look at the Giants. As it stands we are 5 points behind the division leader Pittsburgh and 4 points against our arch rivals, the Devils, with a game in hand against Pittsburgh. To prevent that, we can&t lose focus.

Each of these games are pivotal and it seems the Rangers are starting to play playoff hockey already. Soft goals by Lundqvist need to disappear, Jagr needs to continue his point streak, the kids need to continue to play at the superstar level. If they keep the atmosphere they2re at now, they can win the division for the first time in 14 years. Can&t lose the easy ones, and got to earn the tough wins. Let&s do it.

For a great article on Nigel Dawes, please visit:

Profile of the Author:
A Long Island native, Pete been a Ranger fan for many years and has attended dozens of games. He has also played in the Amateurs leagues for a couple years in New York and Pennsylvania as well as worked on-ice positions for various teams.

 Additional stories from Pete Robinson:


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