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What should the Rangers do with Kreider?

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Wednesday - June 26th

Elliot Friedmman of Sportsnet, reports that the Avalanche weren't willing to include the 16th overall pick to the Rangers in exchange for Chris Kreider.

Wonder who else wasn't willing to include a first rounder for him. Part of the problem of course is his UFA status next year, and then the expansion draft after that.

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September 29th, 2017

How many rostered players were on the ice for opening night 2016-17


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Renney's System Firing On All Cylinders
Posted by Michael M. Ramos ≡ - October 27, 2008

Nothing seems to be able to slow down the Rangers. A brutal schedule, death of a top prospect, and their coach getting a concussion during a game hasn't been enough to get the Rangers off their focus. With so many new players to the team and playing 4 sets of back to back games(3 with travel involved) could have started the Rangers season on a sour note. Instead, the Rangers are singing the praises of Renney's puck attack system that recorded 15 of the possible 16 points in those back to back games and a 9-2-1 record overall.

The Rangers have already been involved in 2 of the best games so far this season in the NHL. The overtime loss to Detroit and the shootout win vs. the Penquins were memorable. In both games, it is the way the game was meant to be played so that more fans will watch hockey,the greatest sport. The action never stopped until the final goal was scored (in Detroit) or until the final penaltyshot was stopped by King Henrik against Crosby(in the Pittsburgh game).

The Rangers have lost a top prospect to what seems to be negligence of the KHL in Russia. Reports say that their wasn't an ambulance on the scene and the AED(to shock the heart back into rythm) had a non-working battery, either of which could have saved Cherapanov's life. Since this tragedy, the KHL has put in place rules that now there must be 2 ambulance on scene and there also has to be 2 different types of doctors also at the arena. They are also making it mandatory for better medical testing when players are of the age for the NHL draft to catch any heart ailments (which is what is being blames as the cause for the tragic loss of Alexie)that otherwise might not be caught.

Renney has mixed and matched lines so far and right now all seem to be clicking. The Gomez-Dawes-Calahan lines brings speed and grit. The Drury-Naslund-Zherdev trio is filled with natural scoring and veteran leadership. Dubinsky-Voros-and the wings that switch in(Prucha, Fritsche, and the waived Rissmiller) have added power and scoring. That line needs a set forward soon(could Shanahan be far away?). The 4th line of Betts-Orr-Sjostrom is the biggest surprise. Coach Renney has used them in ALL situations including in the last minute of 1 goal games.

The last 2 games have been what the Rangers are all about. The Rangers beat the Penquins after being outplayed for the 1st 2 periods in a never say die attitutde. They outshot the Pens 18-2 in the third period with Naslund and Zherdev(with 8.1 seconds left)scoring to taking the game into overime. Henrik has been awesome in nets and closed the door on Crosby to end the shootout after Sjostrom beat Fluery the shot before. Last night, the rangers played in Nassua against the Islanders. We all know that records mean nothing when these 2 teams play and this game showed that to be true. The Rangers won 4-2 with Drury breaking out with a 2 goal performance. The Rangers just played another solid all around game.

The Rangers for the next month do not have any back to back games. This team should stay sharp and agressive now that they will be more rested. With Renney directing this team, it seems the only thing that can stop the Rangers are the Rangers themselves.


As reported here that made some devilz fans angry, the RETREADS that were resigned this offseason are ALREADY out of action. NOBODY likes injuries, but Rolston and Holik are already out on IR. The rest are in the minors. GO FIGURE!

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