Windows 8 Pro - Internet Explorer 10
Andy Bathgate
Posted 2012-11-16 5:47 AM (#581277)
Subject: Windows 8 Pro - Internet Explorer 10


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My 13 year old son bugged me to upgrade his Windows 7 Sony Vaio because of all these commercials you see... So we went to Best Buy and Bought it for $69... (which I discovered later you can buy and download on line for $39.00) ... He came home updated in about an 1hr... and he loves it... after messing with it myself for a few I decided to Upgrade a Vista Gateway Laptop I was using as a paper weight... Smooth upgrade... works like a brand new computer (Really amazing).... The Wife has a 4 year old Dell, XP netbook, downloaded Windows 8... works like a new computer...

The Windows 8 operating system is very cool and fun to mess with, I suggest you download the program on an old computer XP-Vista or Windows 7 before you upgrade to your main computer... That was my attitude... I've been messing with it for two weeks now and it's faster and smoother than any of the other Operating systems Windows has put out... It's turned old Paper weight Laptops into modern fun.

This whole thing with no start menu button is easy to learn and overcome.

The coolest thing I discovered was, I have this Dell Desktop (XPS) I use as our home Network.. I found out ACER sold a 22" touch screen, that once I updated the DeskTop with Windows 8 I could use the touch screen Acer... which is incredible... This operating system is made for touch screen... Blows the Ipad away... Apple is way to expensive, with limited options.

Once is all said and done, I think Windows 8 Pro is going to put Microsoft back on top.

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