Steady Eddie
Posted 2021-08-07 5:45 PM (#780686)
Subject: Soccer

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I’ve really tried these past few years to not only learn the sport, but to like the sport. I find the later to be impossible. The nonstop theatrics and faking of injuries is the main reason. It’s done in every game and in all leagues. It’s ridiculous and for me, it takes all credibility away from the sport. Perhaps I’m spoiled from being a hockey fan, where I see real men that are able to shake off being hit by a solid rubber disk flying at speeds over 90 mph, IDK. The first time I saw a soccer player carried off the field in a stretcher, I thought, “this guy’s done.” Two minutes later, he’s running back on the field. WTF? Pardon my French, but men soccer players are a bunch of pussies. I think I watched my last soccer game.
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