Dominic Moore To Return To NY

After a one year hiatus from the NHL following the death of his wife, former Ranger draft pick Dominic Moore will return to the team when he began his career.  The Rangers have signed Moore to a 1 year $1M contract, and will likely use him as a fourth line center, and PK specialist. Moore was originally […]

Inside The Numbers

I must admit, I had to chuckle when I heard Rangers General Manager Glen Sather characterize the trades he made yesterday as adding “size” and “grit”. Images of players like Adam Hall, Petr Nedved and Marek Malik flashed through my head, as I reviewed the statistics of the two players in question. So what have the Rangers added exactly? It surprised me […]

The 2006-07 OTG Awards – Vol. 2

In our last edition we took a look at the best and brightest of the Rangers 2006-07 season as voted on by you the readers of OTG. This week we take a look at the less impressive side of the team, focussing on the second half of our OTG Award Polls. Unsurprisingly three defensemen figured […]

Adam Out Of The Big Apple

For the second time this week, the Rangers decided to part ways with a player who had been a healthy scratch in several recent games.  Adam Hall was moved today to Minnesota in exchange for fast skating forward Pascal Dupuis.  Acquired in the off-season from the Nashville Predators in exchange for Dominic Moore, it was […]

For Sale

In my last column I approached the impending trade deadline (February 27th) as if the Rangers would be buyers.  Given their fortunes since, and taking the position that recent comments by General Manager Glen Sather to the New York Post are indeed trustworthy, then it is perhaps not so far out of the question that […]

Balance Of Trade

The NHL trade deadline (February 27th – 3pm Eastern) is just over a month away and there’s been only limited movement to date.  Of course the NHL salary cap has been largely singled out as the culprit for the lack of player movement, after all there are a number of General Managers in the league […]

Sather Knows Best

by Cliff Auld Back on March 3, 2004 who would have ever fathomed that the New York Rangers would be predicted by some to win the 2007 Stanley Cup?. Who would have even believed Glen Sather would still be employed by the New York Rangers roughly 2 ½ years later? See it was on that […]