Sather Knows Best

by Cliff Auld Back on March 3, 2004 who would have ever fathomed that the New York Rangers would be predicted by some to win the 2007 Stanley Cup?. Who would have even believed Glen Sather would still be employed by the New York Rangers roughly 2 ½ years later? See it was on that […]

Filling In The Blanks

by Jess Rubenstein It is a pretty sad offseason when Ranger fans find themselves cheering when players they feared Slats might want to sign choose to go elsewhere instead of the Rangers. Something is wrong when the fans of the team have such little faith in their GM to make the right moves so they […]

Who Now?

by Timmy Corbett The man was a legend, plain and simple, a legendary defenseman. He walked into the hall of fame backwards he was so good. Larry Robinson was a true talent at reading the play and staying on the defensive. He might have scored points, and, yes they came in clusters on those great […]

At The Center Of It All

Going into the 2002-03 season the Rangers looked set up in at least one position, center ice.  With Lindros, Nedved, Holik and Messier as well as the likes of Lundmark, Lyashenko and Donato in the system, it appeared that if anything the Rangers would finally have the dominating presence down the middle of the ice […]

End Of The Road For Trottier

by Steve Giacobello After 54 games, and a disappointing record of 21-26-6, Bryan Trottier was fired as head coach of the New York Rangers by GM Glen Sather. After three consecutive losses in which the Rangers were out-scored a combined 16-5, Glen Sather had seen enough. Trottier, in his first role as a head coach, […]

Trottier Simply Does Not Fit

by Charles Solomon The problem with losing is that it becomes routine. The problem with the Rangers is not only that, but that losing and playing with a lack of effort is the norm.  But apparently, going into the free-agent market for some big players cannot help the team. If the players are not getting […]

Post Turkey Thoughts

by Charles Solomon Bure and Lindros cannot score, Kasparaitis has been a bust, Holik has missed more games this season than he missed in the previous five seasons combined, and Trottier seems like the wrong man for the job .   Sure, there have been plusses like Messier’s scoring touch, Barnaby’s solid play, the Leetch and Poti pair, […]

Rangers Coming Together

by Gary Pino The New York Rangers are finding a chemistry that will allow this club to become a much stronger presence in the Eastern Conference . Bryan Trottier is finding out how difficult it is to coach in the NHL and win on a regular basis . Not to mention how and when to make correct line changes […]

Defense Wins

Forgive me if I’m wrong here, but the last time the New York Rangers looked this complete at both ends of the ice is probably back in 1994. The New York Rangers made the 2001-2002 Eastern Conference Champions look more like an expansion team. For the first time in a long time, the Rangers actually […]

More Questions

Preseason is always a reason to be optimistic in Blueshirt land, but after a summer of positive action the Rangers faithful have kerbed their optimism in the light of some worrying trends. Just how bad is the Rangers penalty kill?  Over the final games of the preseason the Blueshirts gave up 13 power play goals […]