Richter Hangs Them Up

It is a day that Mike Richter has done everything to avoid, but this was one injury that even he couldn’t overcome.  Tomorrow, the most successful goaltender in Rangers franchise history will announce that he will retire due to the lingering effects of consecutive concussions suffered in the previous two regular seasons.  It’s a sad […]

The Devil You Know

The season opened with Darren Langdon getting the game winner in Carolina and then Alexei Kovalev scored his second career hattrick against the Rangers back in January.   Just another example of a former Ranger coming back to bite his team.  But perhaps these were the exceptions rather than the rule, after all what other former […]

2000-01 All Ex-Ranger Team

There’s no doubt that summer is far too long for many Blueshirts fans.  Far too long over the last four years, where we’ve gone almost six months a year without a game to allay our thirst for Rangers hockey. The NHL Entry draft (In late June) and the various free agent signings provoke some discussion, […]