Alumni Game Roster Announced

by Jamy Baron During this past week, the Philadelphia Flyers unveiled their jerseys for the Winter Classic. Ranger fans were getting restless waiting for an announcement from the Rangers. The Rangers released a statement via their Facebook page that they will be unveiling their jerseys this coming Monday at 4PM EST. While that is very […]

Rangers Owe Money

After almost three years, an arbitrator has finally decided that the Rangers owe bonus money to Jed Ortmeyer and Bobby Holik. The Rangers were the only team to withhold bonus money to players during the lockout, and seemed mostly intent on denying Bobby Holik his bonus (Ortmeyer unfortunately being caught up in the proceedings). Darius Kasparaitis had also been owed money, but the Rangers […]

Rookies Lead Win Over Devils’ Regulars, 4-3

by Mark Owens The preseason could not have started any better for the Rangers, as Brandon Dubinsky, Ryan Callahan and Daniel Girardi led a host of rookies to a 4-3 win over a veteran-heavy Devils team Friday night at MSG. Dubinsky and Girardi had two assists each and Callahan chipped in one goal and one assist. Veterans Martin Straka and Blair […]

Scouts Corner

by BelieveMe Now before i get into my ideas, opinions and views of this team, you might either hate me or love me. If your a common poster or viewer of the OTG forums, you most likely cant stand my posts however you cannot look away. I’m what you call that voice in the back […]

Training Camp – Defense

Going into camp this year, the Rangers blueline corps are largely unchanged from the same unit that finished out the season. Karel Rachunek (free agency) and Bryce Lampman (trade) were the only two blueliners with NHL experience who won’t return, while the addition of Andrew Hutchinson (trade) appears to be for depth rather than impact. Of the six starting spots, five […]

Rangers Get An Oil Change

The 1994 Stanley Cup victory was perhaps the most important date in franchise history for the New York Rangers. Fifty four years of futility, mismanagement and bad luck was erased in an instant, thanks in large part to the Edmonton Oilers dynasty of the late 1980s. No less than eight players that season (seven in […]

For Sale

In my last column I approached the impending trade deadline (February 27th) as if the Rangers would be buyers.  Given their fortunes since, and taking the position that recent comments by General Manager Glen Sather to the New York Post are indeed trustworthy, then it is perhaps not so far out of the question that […]

Balance Of Trade

The NHL trade deadline (February 27th – 3pm Eastern) is just over a month away and there’s been only limited movement to date.  Of course the NHL salary cap has been largely singled out as the culprit for the lack of player movement, after all there are a number of General Managers in the league […]


FINALLY!!!! That exclamation could of course be applied to several aspects of last night’s 4-1 win over the visiting Washington Capitals. Finally the Rangers ended their seven-game losing streak. Finally the Rangers stood up for each other, with four fights including one between Brendan Shanahan and Donald Brashear. Finally the Rangers took care of the Capitals (in regulation time no less), after years […]

The Story So Far…

With the benefit of reflection (and a good deal of hindsight) I have come to the conclusion that last year indeed was a fluke.  The planets aligned, it was a perfect storm…call it what you will, but the Rangers finally had fortune on their side and that, more than anything else, enabled them to have […]