Day One…

Well so much for optimism huh?  NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman elected to implement a lockout of the players at 12:00am last night, and although he didn’t need it, all thirty owners voted to support his decision, making clear their intentions to implement a cap of payrolls in the NHL.  In hindsight it appeared that the […]

Not A Foregone Conclusion

There’s only 5 days, 13 hours, 7 minutes and 33 seconds left until the collective bargaining agreement between the National Hockey League and the Player’s Association expires.  Whether there’s be a new agreement in place at 12:01am of September 16th, 2004 is anyone’s guess at this point…and I do mean anyone’s.  The war of words […]

Player Salaries: The Real Problem

by Steve Giacobello So, the NHL last week announced that the 30 teams in the league suffered a combined loss of $273 million. Is anyone really surprised at this? I’m not. What surprises me is how the NHL is trying to fix the problem by saying that they need to “improve the game.”  Sorry guys, […]

20-1 Odds To Win The Cup

by Gary Pino THN has given the Rangers 20-1 odds to win the Stanley Cup this year! Surprised? Not really! With a revamped lineup and new coaching staff the Rangers may be a force in the Eastern Conference this year? With the heavyweights like Toronto and Philly losing key players, and add the huge void […]