Deja Blue

For those of you who’ve been following the team long enough to remember the pre-lockout days, you’ll be no doubt familiar with the position the Rangers find themselves today. Even if you’re a relative newbie, you’ll likely know just by hanging around with the rest of Ranger fandom, that this is a position that the […]

Rangers Lose Back To Back

Through the first five pre-season games the Rangers looked competitive getting at least a point out of each of their games on the way to a 2-0-1-2 record, but even then there were worrying signs.  New York had been outshot in all bar the first game in Montreal (24-23) and were on the wrong side […]

Ranger Report Card

Extreme Views – RangerExtreme Here is the NYR report card for the first 59 games this season each player has been given a grade ranging from A-F. Basically grades are given on performance relative to a player fulfilling his given role. With a grade of a C being a passing acceptable grade. Eric Lindros, Center […]

Rants And Raves

So everyone wants to know whether this is the beginning of the end for Eric Lindros…those in the affirmative were quick to jump on the fact that he now has his seventh concussion of his career…a concussion he gave himself on what appeared to be a routine albeit solid hit.  Those whom hated the trade […]

Mid Term Report Card

by Jim Samuels Give Glen Sather seventeen months and this is what you get. After four consecutive playoff misses the Rangers general manager has overhauled not only this floundering franchise, but the entire organization. Sather has found a way to add both talent and depth, two things sorely lacking on Broadway during their four year […]

Camp Fires

by Jim Samuels It has been almost two weeks since the world as we knew it was so abruptly taken from many of us and changed forever. Just two short weeks and a few short blocks from a society struggling to pick up the pieces from a shattered September morning, the Rangers have gone about […]

First Cuts At Camp

Finally!  The Rangers are back in camp and back on the ice.  This week we take a look at Training Camp and try to look at what the Rangers may look like when the puck finally drops October 5th. Last weekend saw the completion of the annual rookie tournament up in Kitchener, Ontario.  The Rangers […]