Rangers Fire Davidson and Gorton

Just when it seemed the Rangers had gone from a transactional organization to a strategic one, we were hit the news this afternoon that team owner Jim Dolan has fired president John Davidson and General Manager Jeff Gorton.  The move comes less than 24 hours after the team issued a statement condemning the NHL and singling out […]

Critical Decisions

by Steven Zeltser This offseason is going to be critical for both the organization and Sather himself. There are many decisions to be made. Do they bring back their captain,┬áJaromir Jagr? If so, who else from the Jagr entourage must be signed? Straka? Rozsival? Malik? Does Shanahan have another year in him and is his […]

One Was Born A Faliure

by Jess Rubenstein In watching the events of the last 48 hours, I can’t help but to wonder if someone had listened to Frank Brown back in 1997 that we would not have suffered though 7 years of a crappy hockey team. Frank Brown was the beat reporter for the Daily News who suggested in […]

Excuse Me

As they hurtle towards their seventh straight season without the playoffs the Rangers finally made a belated coaching change today, but for many it was not the one they had hoped for.  General Manager Glen Sather has stepped down as the head coach of the team and assigned the dubious privilege to assistant Tom Renney.  […]

Thanks For Nothing Junior

by Jess Rubenstein Sometimes one has to laugh at the ironies of life. When one wants to look to see if there is justice in this universe all they have to do is go back the evening of January 26th and realize that there is. Ranger fans remember that night all too well as it […]

No Summer Lovin` Here

by Charles Solomon The summer is a challenging time for hockey fans. Sure we have crucial dates like the draft (June 21-22) at the Gaylord Entertainment Center in Nashville, and July 1st, when all it takes is a wad of millions to acquire some of the games elite players, but most of the summer is […]

Offense Wins, Defense Doesn`t Slats

by Jess Rubenstein Gee there is a whole heck of a lot to talk about the Rangers these days don’t you think? I mean we have all these meaningful playoff games that both Slats and Junior Dolan promised up the Rangers would be in last January don’t we? There has been so much Ranger related […]

Why Bother

by Jess Rubenstein Only a James Dolan can take what should have been a special night for Mark Messier and ruin it. Why of all nights did he decide to announce to the Ranger fans that Glen Sather would be returning for a 5th year? In my book it is simple given how little the […]