Sather, Year One…A Look Back

by Jim Samuels When Glen Sather was brought to New York some fifteen months ago, he was given a challenge, turn this once proud franchise back into a perennial cup contender and more importantly, get the New York Rangers back on the front page of the local tabloids and on the airwaves of New York’s […]

Adding Some Punch

Anyone would think that the Rangers were looking to break the NHL record for penalty minutes after watching GM Glen Sather stockpile players this off-season. It’s hard to know how much this will impact the Rangers roster but one thing seems assured, Hartford will be an uncomfortable place for visiting teams this coming season.   The […]

Give Me A D!

How many Defenseman does it take to change a light bulb, or should that be “keep the puck out of the Rangers net”? At last count it’s around twelve, at least if you look at the number of defensemen New York now has, that have had NHL experience.  The recent claim of Darren Van Impe […]