The Rangers And The Cap

It has taken nine months of posturing and several weeks of hard negotiating, but it appears that a new NHL CBA is just around the corner.  Though much is yet to be revealed, the one thing that is apparent is that the NHL will likely start the 2005-06 season with a salary cap of around […]

The Neo-Optimist

I am a born again optimist…a neo-optimist if you will.  I am confident for the first time in months, that there will indeed be an NHL season AND a corresponding CBA in place in a matter of days.  Okay so you might think I cracked under the weight of the prospect that the season will […]

A Counter Proposal

What is there really to talk about with the NHL season on hold, the sides not talking and no real resolution in sight?  Well a potential resolution I guess, and that is what TSN with their myriad of resources and experienced commentators have presented this evening.  Basically they avoid a cap by simply putting a […]

Day One…

Well so much for optimism huh?  NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman elected to implement a lockout of the players at 12:00am last night, and although he didn’t need it, all thirty owners voted to support his decision, making clear their intentions to implement a cap of payrolls in the NHL.  In hindsight it appeared that the […]

Not A Foregone Conclusion

There’s only 5 days, 13 hours, 7 minutes and 33 seconds left until the collective bargaining agreement between the National Hockey League and the Player’s Association expires.  Whether there’s be a new agreement in place at 12:01am of September 16th, 2004 is anyone’s guess at this point…and I do mean anyone’s.  The war of words […]