Deja Blue

For those of you who’ve been following the team long enough to remember the pre-lockout days, you’ll be no doubt familiar with the position the Rangers find themselves today. Even if you’re a relative newbie, you’ll likely know just by hanging around with the rest of Ranger fandom, that this is a position that the […]

Grass Isn’t Always Greener

As of March 3rd, 2009, the Rangers sat in eighth spot in the Eastern Conference, six points out of home ice advantage for at least one round, and just one point ahead of the ninth placed Hurricanes. With just eighteen games remaining, the Rangers are not focused on building momentum for the playoffs, but are […]

Rangers Must Dump Malik NOW

by Mark Owens The Rangers had every reason to get rid of Malik before he disrespected one of his biggest allies, who just happens to be the team’s head coach and bench leader. Malik’s play has rapidly deteriorated, with the home fans’ relentless abuse playing a role in his demise. But now that Renney’s already […]

Rookies Lead Win Over Devils’ Regulars, 4-3

by Mark Owens The preseason could not have started any better for the Rangers, as Brandon Dubinsky, Ryan Callahan and Daniel Girardi led a host of rookies to a 4-3 win over a veteran-heavy Devils team Friday night at MSG. Dubinsky and Girardi had two assists each and Callahan chipped in one goal and one assist. Veterans Martin Straka and Blair […]

Rangers Get An Oil Change

The 1994 Stanley Cup victory was perhaps the most important date in franchise history for the New York Rangers. Fifty four years of futility, mismanagement and bad luck was erased in an instant, thanks in large part to the Edmonton Oilers dynasty of the late 1980s. No less than eight players that season (seven in […]

2006-07 OTG Ex-Rangers All-Stars

First off we’d like to thank all those who voted in the 2006-07 Outside the Garden Ex-Rangers All-Stars and congratulations to Gorox who was randomly selected from those who voted and will receive an autographed puck from us. The poll marks the fifth year that we’ve asked you, the readers of OTG to vote for your favorite […]

Will Marc’s Progress ‘Staal’?

by Cliff Auld Training camp is always a time for difficult player personnel decisions regarding young players, and this camp has been no different for the Rangers. While Brandon Dubinsky, Nigel Dawes, and Jarkko Immonen are all fighting for spots on the top four lines, the Rangers most difficult decision is what to do with […]

The Story So Far…

With the benefit of reflection (and a good deal of hindsight) I have come to the conclusion that last year indeed was a fluke.  The planets aligned, it was a perfect storm…call it what you will, but the Rangers finally had fortune on their side and that, more than anything else, enabled them to have […]

Riding The Wave

by Eric Vecchione What’s going on?  Could someone explain to me how the New York Rangers are 16-7-3? I have been thinking about it for a while…and I am having trouble dealing with this.  The Rangers don’t make me angry for once. Just because they don’t make me angry (yet) doesn’t necessarily mean I’m about […]

Don`t Stop Believing

by Eric Vecchione Here we are, November 1st, almost one month into this very different journey, and the New York Rangers – Tex’s perennially disappointing, listless, oftentimes embarrassing Rangers – are in first place. Certainly it would be my greatest fabrication (some class cutting excuses in college are close) if I were to say that […]