Rangers Get Off to Fast Off-Season Start

by Jamy Baron Only four days after being eliminated in the Eastern Conference Finals by the New Jersey Devils, the New York Rangers announced yesterday that they have agreed to terms with Swedish prospect, Jesper Fast. No that is not a spelling error as he legally changed his name from “Fasth” to “Fast”. It makes sense and is quite […]

Summer of Love

It may sound counter intuitive, but the Rangers are likely to struggle this season, and could easily miss the playoffs for the second time in three years. You certainly wouldn’t come to that conclusion if you were to read the papers and what pundits the pundits are writing. The general consensus is that General Manager Glen […]

Off-season Notes

It never is fun to lose, and it always takes me a while to get back into the groove of things after the Rangers season ends. So apologies certainly for having just the minimal updates so far. First up, we’ve updated the OTG Draft page with details for the June 24-25 NHL Entry Draft to be hosted […]

The New Squad

by Pete Robinson Out with the old and in with the new. Thus ends the Jagr Era of the New York Rangers. Even though it was short, Captain Jagr will definitely be missed by all. Whether you loved him or hated him, Jaromir Jagr was a main contributor to the rebuilding of the Rangers, as well as […]

One Was Born A Faliure

by Jess Rubenstein In watching the events of the last 48 hours, I can’t help but to wonder if someone had listened to Frank Brown back in 1997 that we would not have suffered though 7 years of a crappy hockey team. Frank Brown was the beat reporter for the Daily News who suggested in […]

Offense Wins, Defense Doesn`t Slats

by Jess Rubenstein Gee there is a whole heck of a lot to talk about the Rangers these days don’t you think? I mean we have all these meaningful playoff games that both Slats and Junior Dolan promised up the Rangers would be in last January don’t we? There has been so much Ranger related […]

Ten More Days

by AveryGod It’s been a long and slow four months since the New York Rangers season ended. I’ve been inpatient, tormented and nervous over the last few months. Soon I can put away all of those emotions in exchange for some new ones like anxiety, anger and at times a down right animal-like lust to […]

Anything But Free

Last year several of the big names went off the board before the free agent period had even began, this year it was a different story.  With bundles of cash at the ready, Rangers GM Glen Sather went full steam ahead with the win now philosophy and bought two of the biggest names available.  Is […]

He’s A Ranger Now

by Steve Giacobello So, after all the questions, talking, and “Sather Bashing” that has gone on lately, turns out that Sather had his mind made up all along. As I stated in a earlier segment of “High Sticking”, Sather is N.Y.’s “MYSTERY MAN”.  Having spoken with Sather before, during and after the playoffs, ex-Islander/Penguin player, and […]

Much Ado About Something

It’s been ugly this off-season for Rangers GM Glen Sather.  At least that’s what many of the regular scribes will tell you should you happen to listen.  After “missing out” on the big Colorado trio and then the likes of Weight, Jagr, Turgeon and Hasek, there are more than a few doom and gloomers around. Far […]