Don’t Screw It Up!

After the euphoria of seeing the Rangers draw second pick in the 2019 NHL draft, the first time the team will pick in the top three since the introduction of the entry draft in 1969, old fears have begun to resurface. If fans had one message for management, it would be DON’T SCREW THIS ONE […]

One Was Born A Faliure

by Jess Rubenstein In watching the events of the last 48 hours, I can’t help but to wonder if someone had listened to Frank Brown back in 1997 that we would not have suffered though 7 years of a crappy hockey team. Frank Brown was the beat reporter for the Daily News who suggested in […]

In The Corners

by Kevin Conway Alexei Kovalev is back in a New York Rangers’ uniform. After weeks of rumors and speculation, Glen Sather pulled a deal to bring one of the most skilled offensive players in the world back to Madison Square Garden , the place where he started his career. Every Rangers’ fan remembers the excitement that Kovalev brought to […]

The Negativity Manifesto

by PenYada I’ve been reading the various Rangers message boards on the ‘net, and there seems to be an overriding feeling of disappointment and negativity by many of the posters. Then there are those posters who come on and express dismay at having to read so many negative comments. My response is….WELL WHAT DO YOU […]

Sather, Year One…A Look Back

by Jim Samuels When Glen Sather was brought to New York some fifteen months ago, he was given a challenge, turn this once proud franchise back into a perennial cup contender and more importantly, get the New York Rangers back on the front page of the local tabloids and on the airwaves of New York’s […]

Groundhog Day

Extreme Views by RangerExtreme f you’ve ever seen the movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray then you know what it’s like to be a Ranger fan.  Year after year Ranger fans are subjected to the mortgaging of their future in exchange for acquiring players who, shall we say to be kind are “Long In the tooth” […]

Time To Move On

Now that “the trade” has been completed many fans have progressed from shock to acceptance to a quiet excitement for the upcoming season.  If you’re like me you were probably already excited about seeing a team that would feature more youth than in recent years, a team that probably wouldn’t make the playoffs but would […]

Heads Up!

Plenty has been written about the downside of the seemingly evident Lindros trade so we thought we’d try to look at the trade in a more positive light. The history is well known, drafted by the Quebec Nordiques, Lindros held out until he was able to force a trade to the Philadelphia Flyers, beating out […]

Hartford Gets A New Look

Get the broom, the Ranger’s GM is cleaning house after last year’s “Team Review”.  After having an impressive 42 different players in Rangers Red White and Blue last season, the reports are in and a lot of guys failed. It started towards the end of last season with the moving of Alexei Gusarov and Eric Lacroix, and has […]

Prospect Watch: Pavel Brendl

by Denis Savage At 6’1″ and 210lbs, the “Big Bear”, Pavel Brendl stands on the brink of the NHL. Drafted 4th overall by the Rangers in the 1999 draft Brendl has continued to linger atop the Ranger prospect list with fellow 1999 draft pick Jamie Lundmark. Playing in the WHL for the Calgary Hitmen he […]