Game On!

Pre-season is now officially over…the next game is for real, as the New York Rangers travel to Carolina to face the Hurricanes this Friday night. The Rangers went 4-4-1 in their nine games, but only now is the team starting to show some cohesion.  Eric Lindros initially looked tentative after his long layoff but has […]

First Cuts At Camp

Finally!  The Rangers are back in camp and back on the ice.  This week we take a look at Training Camp and try to look at what the Rangers may look like when the puck finally drops October 5th. Last weekend saw the completion of the annual rookie tournament up in Kitchener, Ontario.  The Rangers […]

Who Stays, Who Goes?

Extreme Views by RangerExtreme There just has to be more trades to come. Sather has spent a lot of time this off-season collecting a lot of fringe NHL players who if not for expansion wouldn’t have jobs in the big league. There simply is no room for these players unless his plan is to acquire […]