Latest Proposal Turned Down By League

The NHL and NHLPA remain on an undetermined schedule following today’s dismissal of the latest proposal by the league.  Following a suggestion last week by NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman that the sides take a two week hiatus, the NHLPA instead responded this week with a proposal of their own. One of the biggest challenges appears […]

Meetings Continue – Crunch Time

The NHL and NHLPA continue their meetings later today for a third straight session.  Few details are public, but it appears that today could determine whether they hit another roadblock or proceed on with a final solution. At stake is the “make whole” provision that would ensure that the owners continue to honor the existing […]

NHL reportedly makes concession

Rick Nash, Michael Del Zotto, Ryan McDonagh and Carl Hagelin are already playing in Europe, and Derek Stepan could soon be there as well, although there’s news today that the NHL made a concession earlier this week to the players. Darren Dreger of TSN reported on Twitter that the NHL has changed their stance on how the parties would reach a 50/50 […]

Players Are About To Start Losing Money

With the league’s October 25th deadline set to expire today, it looks more certain than ever that the best we can hope for is a shorter season.  How much does this factor into the equation for the players can be easily represented in dollar figures. In the latest NHL proposal, the NHL is looking for […]

Players getting bad advice?

Hey, it’s Friday October 19th and we’re just six days away from seeing the 82 game schedule become an impossibility.  At least according to the publicly announced position by NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. In the past few days we’ve seen the owners come up with an offer, followed by three counter offers by the NHLPA, […]

NHL unimpressed with NHLPA proposals

The NHLPA and NHL today met to review three proposals provided by the NHLPA in response to the NHL’s proposal on Tuesday.  The meeting lasted just one hour before NHL executives departed, with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman saying he saw “nothing new” with the players’ proposals and that he was “thoroughly disappointed”. Donald Fehr of […]

NHL Releases New Offer

After of stalemate, the NHL today released a proposal that might just begin moving the negotiations forward.  Key features in the proposal include a shift to 50/50 split on Hockey Related Revenues (HRR), and the removal of an immediate roll-back in favor of deferred payments. The move caught the NHLPA somewhat off-guard, and NHLPA Executive […]

Next set of games to be cancelled this week

The NHL and NHLPA remain far apart despite talks scheduled for Tuesday, and the chances of playing before Thanksgiving seem increasingly remote.  With games already cancelled through October 24th, Howard Berger reports that the league is likely to announce this week, cancellation of games through to November 7th. This latest cancellation will almost certainly mean the chances […]