Playing With The Key Chain

by Jess Rubenstein The closer we get to the regular season the more the debate about which player is the key to the season increases. Depending on who you listen to that key player is going to be Lindros, Kovalev, or Dunham. Each player is going to be important to whether or not the Rangers […]

A Summer Of Many Things

by Jess Rubenstein The Summer of 2003 will most likely become one of the most frustrating summers that Ranger fans will have had in years. Sadly but perhaps rightfully it looks like the apparent suicide of Ranger farmhand Roman Lyashenko is going to the biggest news to come out of it. For most of July […]

After Midnight

Ah yes, July 1st and the opening of free agent season…can you feel the excitement?  No?  Hardly surprising perhaps given next year’s impending Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations and a sixth straight season of frustration as a Ranger fan.  Nope, this won’t be your typical July 1st.  In actual fact, many commentators are expecting a glut […]

The Problem Is On The Bench, Not Behind It!!!

by Steve Giacobello Now that the 2002-03 NHL season is officially over, (congrats to the Devils and their fans), the time has come once again for the Rangers to sit back and spend the summer searching for answers to a long list of questions and to try and avoid missing the playoffs for a seventh […]

At The Center Of It All

Going into the 2002-03 season the Rangers looked set up in at least one position, center ice.  With Lindros, Nedved, Holik and Messier as well as the likes of Lundmark, Lyashenko and Donato in the system, it appeared that if anything the Rangers would finally have the dominating presence down the middle of the ice […]

Rangers Fail To Impress In Preseason

by Steve Giacobello Usually, the Rangers are impressive during the preseason and fill Ranger fan’s with excitement, and all sorts of high expectations based on their preseason performance, only to become a huge disappointment come April and playoff time. Maybe this year will be different. Maybe this year thing’s will go the opposite way. Maybe […]

Kick The Tires And Light The Fires

by Charles Solomon The leaves are falling, the air is crisp, and hockey is beginning to consume our brains. We are now merely days away from the start of the season. Our beloved Blueshirts are set to open the season this Wednesday in Raleigh, against last year’s Eastern Conference champions. As anticipation builds, many people […]

More Questions

Preseason is always a reason to be optimistic in Blueshirt land, but after a summer of positive action the Rangers faithful have kerbed their optimism in the light of some worrying trends. Just how bad is the Rangers penalty kill?  Over the final games of the preseason the Blueshirts gave up 13 power play goals […]

Too Many Ifs To Get Excited

by Steve Giacobello With the exception of the 1994 season, never before has a season of hockey here in New York been so anxiously anticipated…….and with good reason. Need some reasons to be excited about the 2002-03 season here in N.Y.? How about….. the signings of Bobby Holik and Darius Kasparaitis. ….an all new coaching […]

1st Annual OTG Awards – The Good

1st Annual OTG Awards – The Good Just days after the NHL announced their annual awards, we too have decided to release the results of our first annual vote to select the best and the worst of the past Rangers season.  Technical difficulties have prevented us from being able to make an award for the […]