Dave Maloney

A Dinner With Dave Maloney

Submitted by poster “skullcrusher” – March 17th, 2002

The dinner I had with Dave Maloney some 10 years ago….

I was still in high school and my father’s co-worker knew him personally. It was mentioned to Dave about my loyalty to the Rangers even though my father jumped over to the Devils’ bandwagon when they made the playoffs for the 1st time, and the Rangers didn’t (1985).

Sure enough I got a 3×5 picture that read, “John, Thanks for being a loyal Rangers fan, unlike some other members of your family. Dave Maloney

It was very funny and when he found out I still had a Dave Maloney poster hanging in my room, he mentioned to my father’s co-worker, “So that’s where that one went”.

Definitely has a good sense of humor.

Eventually my father, his co-worker, Dave and I ate dinner at Keen’s Chophouse and then went to a Rangers game after. We talked hockey the entire time.

Certainly I won’t forget about it

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