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Avery Out On Thursday

by Jamy Baron

It seems that this week all we’ve been hearing about is, Avery, Avery, and more Avery. Sean Avery officially cleared waivers yesterday afternoon and while many were hoping for him to be playing on Thursday, that will not be the case.

Coach Tortorella stated that he liked the line-up against the San Jose Sharks and that he’d want to use that same line-up against the Anaheim Ducks, but it was subject to change based on how practice went. It seems that the most uncommon advicate of Torts seconded that notion. “Really, the guys played pretty good last game. They had a big win, so I wouldn’t change the line-up,” said Avery.

While we are all hoping for things to go well against Anaheim on Thursday, if they don’t, expect to see Sean Avery on Garden ice, Saturday against the Montreal Canadiens.

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