Miika Wiikman

Back From Prague

Now that I’m back from Prague, OTG is back in action. Apologies for the gaps this preseason, but all sorts of things have gotten in the way this off-season culminating in a lack of internet access at my hotel in Prague.

Thanks once again to Pavel, Martin and the other Czech Rangers fans for hosting a once in a lifetime event. Having a couple of wins to come home with certainly just made things better. I promise to have up a summary of the trip and games some time this week.

As for Rangers news…

New York cut their roster down to 23 players following an exemption that allowed them to carry three goalies through the European trip. Miika Wiikman therefore joins Hartford as they get set for their season opener against Springfield this Saturday.

Glen Sather still has some work to do, with just $240k or so of cap space, and three forwards healthy scratches, Sather will need to decide whether he’s going to make a trade or try to force one or more of the forwards through waivers.

It’s not a simple decision and there’s been plenty of discussion on our boards as to who might be the one ultimately to go.

Also of interest perhaps…at least some odds makers have the Rangers as the favorite to win the Cup, which is all very well and good, but I don’t see how the Rangers really deserve the honor.

Watch out for additional site updates as we get ready for Friday’s home opener against the Blackhawks, and thanks for your continued support for the site.

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