Marc Staal

Boudreau Bashes Blueshirts

As you can imagine there’s plenty of excitement in Rangerland today following yesterday’s 3-2 win over the Capitals, not so much on the Capitals side. Head Coach Bruce Boudreau went on the attack, calling out the officiating, MSG and Marc Staal among others.

Staal in particular got attention for his hit on Mike Green moments before Alexander Ovechkin scored the first Capitals goal, saying that the hit deserved review by the league. For the record, the league didn’t elect to review the hit, so no suspension pending.

As for MSG, Boudreau complained about the lockerrooms, benches and said the Capitals crowd was much louder compared to MSG. As others have pointed out, MSG is the oldest arena in the league, and so it’s not surprising that things don’t always measure up. In terms of the fan volume, perhaps if the Rangers had to resort to gimmicks such as air horns and cow bells like the Capitals do…

At any rate, it appears the comments may be more about taking the focus off of the Capitals players who really deserve the blame for the loss yesterday. While there was certainly many more penalties called than in the first two games, it was clear early on that this would be the case and the Capitals failed to adjust. They themselves benefited on what could easily have been a non-call, when Gaborik was sent to the box.

Read more about Boudreau’s comments on our board: Boudreau disses MSG

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