Brad Richards

Carton Continues To Embarrass Himself

by Jamy Baron

As you may or may not know, Brad Richards was on “Boomer and Carton” this morning. What was supposed to be an interview, was instead a disgrace. Craig Carton, who notoriously hates hockey, could not stop himself from being Carton. Not only did he disrespect Richards with the non-stop “joking” that he put on display, but he made himself look like an idiot at the same time.

Carton called Brad, Bobby throughout the show and then went onto say that Brad can’t be one of those players that comes to New York and “stinks”. No pressure, right? Carton then goes on to bash Tampa Bay, calling it one of the worst cities in America. Richards has a home in Tampa and won a Stanley Cup there. No disrespect there, right?

Carton then goes on to say that he thinks Richie should be the Captain of the Rangers and take after Derek Jeter. The last thing that Ranger fans want to hear is someone asking for Richards to be Captain over Ryan Callahan. That just shows how much intelligence Craig has when it comes to the Rangers, yet he continues to spew out this garbage. Oh, I saved the best part for last. While Brad is talking, Carton feels it is his obligation to cut him off and ask if he was one of the reasons why Brad came to New York. Just cut him off Craig, that’s not unprofessional at all. I fooled you didn’t I?

That wasn’t the best part at all. Carton said that the Rangers’ offer for Richards’ services “blew the other teams out of the water”. That comes as a bit of a surprise since Los Angeles and Calgary offered more than the Rangers, but okay Craig, whatever you say. The Rangers have had many free agent busts over the past several years and the last thing they need is for Richards to be added to that list.

Why Carton insists on being a jerk and putting even more pressure on Richie, I’ll never know. I sincerely apologize to you Brad Richards, on Carton’s behalf, for what you had to go through this morning. I sure hope that Boomer said something to Richards after the show. I also hope he said something to Carton as well.

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