Chris Drury

Drury Cleans Out Scouting Department

Per The Athletic, Rangers General Manager Chris Drury has let several Rangers scouting staff go, including Gordie Clark.  Clark lead the Rangers scouting staff for more than a decade under first Glen Sather and then Jeff Gorton, before being demoted to the Pro Scout role after Drury took over last season.

Also gone are Gordie’s son, Brendon Clark who had been with the organization as an amateur scout for the past 12 years, as well as Rich Brown – who scouted in Ontario for the Rangers over the past two decades, and Daniel Dore – who had been with New York for 15 years and covered Quebec.

The changes occurred back in May, but are just being reported now.  With the NHL Entry Draft coming up in three weeks, the Rangers will likely rely on Assistant GM Ryan Martin, along with the remaining leadership and scouting resources that continue to serve with the organization.

The changes continue Drury’s process of remaking the Rangers front office and could well include further moves over the Summer as the Rangers head into a difficult Salary Cap period.

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