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Submitted by poster “94″ – March 16th, 2002

 I thought that you guys might be interested in something that happened years back between Espo and myself…I use to write to everybody in the old days and have letters from Sonny Werblin and Mr. Jaffe to name a few.

Anyway, I’d been writing letters to Espo complaining about our wimpy team (yes, my friends…back then too)…and then instead of picking up some tough guy (PLETT I think his name was) …Espo picked up this little timid defenseman Bruce Bell from the Blues and I fired off a beauty of a letter to him.

About 2 weeks later I’m at work and my son calls me from work and says that somebody claiming to be Espo called my house and wanted my work number. He said it really sounded like him so he gave it to him.

About an hour later my phone rings…and it’s a woman asking me to hold on as Espo wants to talk to me….the next thing I know, Espo ‘s on the phone screaming who the hell do I think I am…so I told him…LOL….Well for the next 25 minutes we were yelling and screaming at each other about many different aspects of the team…and I mean yelling and screaming.

Finally Espo says to me, Mike, I see you know your team, so can we stop yelling and screaming…so for the next 40 minutes we talked hockey…actually we spoke two more times after that.

I will always remember and treasure those talks until the day I was my 15 minutes of fame as they say.

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