Bobby Holik

Free Agents, A Coach And The Goalie

by Dave Gokhstein

Ranger fan’s have now officially started the countdown to July 1st, waiting to see who the Rangers will throw their money at during this year’s off-season.  With this year’s free agent crop loaded with big name talent, Glen Sather’s main target without a doubt should be Bobby Holik.  Put simply, Holik is what this team lacks. Having Holik center a second line behind Lindros would put fear into almost any team facing the Rangers.  Not only would they have to control Lindros and Bure, they’d also have to focus on Holik’s line.  Petr Nedved is a very talented player, but let’s face it team’s don’t fear him.

Glen Sather deserves some credit for trying to bring exciting open ice hockey to New York, but this is the age of the dreaded trap. You just can’t play open ice hockey.

Bryan Trottier is the perfect coach for this team. He’s won 4 championships as a player and one as a coach. He would bring the Av’s style of play to NYC (translation: defense and offense). If not Trottier, how about giving Ted Nolan another shot. After all the Guy only turned around a horrible team and won coach of the year with Buffalo.

Sather has to re-sign Mike Richter.  Sign Richter to a two year deal, with a third year option. Glen, You might not like Richter, but Ranger fan’s everywhere do.  Bringing Curtis Joseph in here is not going to help. Try helping Richter by signing or making a trade for a stay-home physical defenseman…better yet, stop signing the Ulanov’s of the NHL and let Kloucek and Purinton do the job.

Not only do the Rangers need to sign Holik, they also need to go after Billy Guerin. Guerin would be a perfect fit playing with Lindros and Bure. Or you can play him with Holik. How nice would that be?

Again, how about skipping over the defensemen this off-season. How about instead letting Kloucek and Purinton play.  If not, Then trade them for Mr. Hatcher out there in Dallas.

And last thing, how about bringing back Hlavac. Reunite the Czech Line. They only scored 90 goals.

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