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JJ Will Bounce Back

by James DeBerardine

In recent weeks, it has been hard to be a Jagr fan, as he is flustered and anguished on ice; we are the same off ice. With all the rumors flying around about his departure, I am going to inform everyone why he isn’t going anywhere and why it’s for the good of the franchise.

Historically, when Jagr has struggled, he has become a cancer. Yet, why has this not occurred this year? Although he has struggled on the scoreboard, he does not sulk on the bench, he does not blame team-mates in the locker room, he simply goes about his business as usual. We all know he is one of the greatest players of all time, and he does not get the credit he deserves for leading this team out of the lockout and into the postseason.

I cannot argue that Jagr has been struggling over the past weeks, it’s clearly evident. However, anyone who watched the games over the past weekend will agree that he is getting more chances and is driving through the offensive zone with more authority. The results will come, its impossible for them not to, in this case it’s just a matter of time.

I am forecasting a storm coming for the next month or so, not a snow or hail storm; but a storm none the less of epic proportions. Jagr will single-handedly carry us back in respectable position for the play-offs and when those play-offs do arrive, I will feel sorry for the teams that have to defend him.

Let’s look at the statistics: The Rangers have 23 games remaining. I expect a gargantuan effort from Jagr in those games, the schedule is good, we have a fair amount of home games, everything is in his favour. I predict something along the lines of 16 goals and 25 assists for 41 points in those games, I know some will call me crazy, but I feel Jagr is about unleash all the frustration built over the course of the season in a positive way. So buckle up, because it’s the Jagrmeister’s show now.
‘Return of Jagrmeister: JJ will strike back’

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