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Kreider Injury A Mystery

Forty eight hours ago, give or take a couple, the Rangers let the public know that Chris Kreider would not be dressing for Sunday night’s game against the Edmonton Oilers.  In fact Kreider wasn’t even in Edmonton for the game, and was instead in some undisclosed location being evaluated.

The news remains limited, with Alain Vigneault simply saying he had no update, and that they hope to know more within the next two days.  There has been some idle speculation that the young power forward may be being evaulated for a concussion, but Vigneault neither confirmed, nor denied when queried.

Kreider early missed five games with neck spasms, but again there is no indication yet whether the two instances are related in any way.  Kreider did play over thirteen minutes in Saturday’s win over the Flames, and even picked up a primary assist.  We will have to continue to wait for further updates, perhaps by the time the Rangers play in Columbus on Friday.

Meanwhile, the coach did confirm that Pavel Buchnevich is again suffering back spasms and will remain day to day.  He will not play tonight against the Vancouver Canucks.

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