Make A Wish

Submitted by poster TXNYR April 20th, 2002

I am currently living in Houston, Texas (yeah, I know) and find myself having to drive to Dallas just to catch an NHL game. Finally, the NHL decided this year decide to play an exhibition game in Houston. The matchup was the Capitals and the Lightning. Not hardly a game that I would usually find much interest in, but being able to catch an NHL game in Houston is indeed rare. 

A friend of mine was also at the game and somehow this guy always finds me. This night was no different. He had found Barnaby sitting in lower prom and knowing that I am a Barnaby fan, he came to point out where he was sitting. I got to meet him and we talked a bit. I mentioned to him that I really was wishing that he would have become a Ranger instead of going to Tampa Bay. How I think that he could add some grit on the Nedved line and pick up his momentum again as a player. I asked him what he thought about that. He said that he wouldn’t mind playing in New York and added “hey, you never know, maybe one day.” Three months later he was donning the red, white, and blue! I am also glad to say that he has seemed to have had a resurgence since coming to NYC.

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