Igor Ulanov

Meeting Your Favorite Player

Submitted by poster Frank April 16th, 2002

It was the Rangers-Isles game on Jan. 30th 2002.  

I took my cousin, an Islander fan to his first game, and after the game we went for some autographs.  Now I am not much of an autograph getting type of fan, but being caught up in the moment, I decided to be a kid again.  

Standing outside the Ranger exit, a guy in a suit comes out, and starts signing, I didn’t recognize him…he was no Mess, Leetch or Theo.  So he signs my Rangers hat, its white and made out of hockey jersey material.  So he signs it and then writes #55 under his name…Igor “@#%$@” Ulanov.  I say out loud with Igor about a foot from me: “Damn, I didn’t think my hat could go down in value.”  Well the look on Ulanov’s face was priceless.  

That’s my fave encounter so far.

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