Carl Hagelin

Meetings Continue – Crunch Time

The NHL and NHLPA continue their meetings later today for a third straight session.  Few details are public, but it appears that today could determine whether they hit another roadblock or proceed on with a final solution.

At stake is the “make whole” provision that would ensure that the owners continue to honor the existing contracts, but the conversation has now also been expanded to discussions around how revenue would be shared between teams to make those in lesser markets more sustainable.

Both constituencies are reportedly pushing for a deal, and a failure to make some progress now might very well put the entire season at risk – although the 1994-95 season didn’t start their 54 game schedule until January.

Larry Brooks of the New York Post projects a December 1st date as being the most likely target given the current talks, allowing for rescheduling and a short camp to assemble and prepare the teams.  That’s just 22 days away, meaning a framework agreement will have to be reached soon.

Meanwhile in Europe, a handful of NHLers have continued to ink contracts.  Max Talbot of the Philadelphia Flyers signed to play in Finland, while Blackhawk defender Niklas Hjlamarsson has reportedly signed in Italy.

The Rangers are likely closely monitoring Carl Hagelin following concern over a shoulder injury he suffered while playing in the Swedish Elitserien.  Hagelin is out indefinitely following an incomplete report.

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