Donald Fehr

NHL unimpressed with NHLPA proposals

The NHLPA and NHL today met to review three proposals provided by the NHLPA in response to the NHL’s proposal on Tuesday.  The meeting lasted just one hour before NHL executives departed, with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman saying he saw “nothing new” with the players’ proposals and that he was “thoroughly disappointed”.

Donald Fehr of the NHLPA seemed more disappointed that the league had made their mind up on the three player proposals after just 10 minutes, though admitted their third proposal hadn’t been calculated out.

Both sides appear now to be willing to agree to a 50/50 split of Hockey Related Revenues (HRR), though there remains some question as to whether either, or both sides are looking to redefine the rules that define what’s included.

Unlike the NHL, the NHLPA does not at this point plan on releasing details on their proposals, though Fehr did report in his evening news conference that the three offers consisted of a first proposal which would see the 50/50 target achieved in the third year of a new CBA, a second that would meet the target in year five, and a third which would hit the target immediately, as long as current contracts were honored.

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