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Rangers Threaten To Take Over Rangers

In a surprising move, the NHL is apparently considering suspending ownership of the New York Rangers, which would effectively transition the day to day running to the league.

The move appears to be in response to the Rangers’ suing over rights to the team website. Earlier this year the NHL took control of the websites of all 30 teams to install a standard look and feel. The Rangers were the only franchise to challenge the deal, filing a motion to retain ownership of the team site.

It turns out that the league by-laws include a “no sue” clause that could be triggered and force Cablevision (who owns the Rangers) to have their ownership suspended. Whatever the outcome, it appears that a legal resolution will take some time unless one, or both sides back down.

On a more esoteric topic, Sean Avery has completed his internship with Vogue magazine. The soon to be UFA, was enthusiastic about what he learned in his stint in the fashion world…you can read more in the article linked above.

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