Brad Richards

Rebound Time

Scolded, benched and forgiven all in one night. Does anyone expect anything but a “A” game from Brad Richards, in the land of Cactaceae. While not totally responsible for a rather feeble team effort in St. Louis. Richards has a duty to lead the way, and eliminate the word “slumping” from creeping into Ranger adjectives. He and his mates must bring their prickly, gritty, physical style to the Glendale Arena, and stop the slide at 2 games. 

The entire team undoubtedly still scorching, from a Tortorella St. Louis post game critique,  will be itching to hit the ice tonight, with their determination racheted up to a level required to win a National hockey League game. The Rangers understand that commitment, its a level they have found 17 times previous this season. A banging crashing Mike Rupp will be a welcome addition back.

Players getting the dough can run and hide from the heat, or flourish. Richards never one to relish the off ice heat, shines in the on ice heat. Look for he and his teammates to take charge tonight.

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