John Tortorella 3

Slip Sliding Away.

The New York Rangers let another one slip away with nary a whimper, as a consistent on again off again roller coaster season continued. A roller coaster season with very low highs, and very high lows. A season of work that is headed for a pre playoff flush.

This team struggles to score. Last season, with considerably more effort and snarl they managed to score enough, until a overused few ran out of gas against New Jersey in the Conference final. This year the wheels are off.

The issue with the Rangers is a lack of scoring opportunities created. It’s not about blasting high quality shots and getting stoned night after night, it’s about generating very little offense and shots. It’s about minimal net drive and to frequent puck carrier’s wide fly bys ending up with the puck behind the opposition net, and nothing generated from there. It’s about nothing generated off the rush, because there is no rush, the Ranger offensive game plan to habitually dump the puck in, followed by a lack luster and uncoordinated forecheck. Its about a team of players not performing at their best.

The only good thing is the Rangers control their playoff fate. But to control their fate they must cease the rhetoric. Because  “Our game is almost there”,  “We were not ready” “We don’t have a middle lineup” etc. etc. won’t win any games.

It is truly put up or shut up time for the Rangers. 

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