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Staal Reportedly Cleared For Light Workouts

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There’s no imminent return to the Rangers for #1 defenseman Marc Staal, but there’s some progress at least.  Marc Staal has reportedly been cleared for light workouts per the NY Post.  It’s the first step in what is likely going to be a slow and measured process to return to the ice.

Staal joined the Rangers for training camp initially, but was quickly sidelined by post workout headaches, and had been put on a strict order to rest.  The 24 year old defender has been doing just that as he attempts to overcome the first major injury of his professional career.

The Rangers announced they would provide no additional details, but recent reports suggest that the latest advice is to monitor progress and adjust accordingly.  If Staal can sustain the light workout regimen for multiple weeks without a setback, he would likely be cleared to gradually ramp up towards on-ice activities.

Even in the best scenario, it still seems highly unlikely that we’ll see Staal before the All-Star break.

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