Glen Sather 2

Time To Bring In A Big Time Coach

by Dave Gokhstein

I wrote in my last article that I would like to see Brian Trottier coaching the Rangers next season,  but it I’m pretty sure that the Rangers will have a coach in place before the Avs get knocked out the playoffs.  There’s talk about Mike Keenan leaving the Panthers and coming back to New York.  I’m all for it, but that probably won’t happen, even if Keenan could get out of his contract with Florida. 

Listen, I respect Glen Sather.  I think he’ll turn the New York Rangers into a championship team.  He’s trying to bring exciting hockey for the fans in this trapping era, but the problem that some Ranger fans have with Sather is that he’s looking for a coach who he can control like a puppet (example: Ron Low) Glen Sather wants to coach this team. Just not from the bench.  More like from the GM’s box with a 2-way radio in hand with a cigar in his mouth.  If that wasn’t the case, Ken Hitchcock or Herb Brooks would have been named Head Coach long before this article.  Never has he hired a “Big Name” coach to run one of his teams.  It’s time for him to change that approach.  It’s time to bring in a coach with an iron fist.  A coach who won’t stand for off nights from star players. A coach who will bench any player for not back checking.  That coach should be Mike Keenan.

Herb Brooks would have been a great move. Free agents like Billy Guerin and Tony Amonte without a doubt in my mind, would have made the Rangers their first choice to sign with.

If the reports about Chris Chelios coming to the Rangers next season are true, It would be a great move to sign him and have him teach the Rangers how to play defense.

Blue’s Forward Scott Young is a UFA this season. The Rangers should sign him and play him with Lindros and Bure.

If Sather actually does hire a “Big Name” coach, he has to go after Mike Keenan.  If he can’t get Keenan in here, why not give Ted Nolan a chance.

Ron Wilson wouldn’t be that bad of a choice either, he’s worked with Kariya, Selanne and Jagr.

Shawn Collymore and Jamie Lundmark should be playing with the Rangers next season.

Last thing, you’ve got to be kidding me if you think the Hurricanes are a better team then the Rangers.

For, I’m Dave G.

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