Brendan Lemieux

Voluntary Practices – Phase 2 Approaching

Reports from the New York Post today suggest that the Rangers may be on the cusp of approach Phase 2 of the NHL’s plan to resume play.  There are a number of preventitive measures that each team has to meet in order to re-open their practice facilities and resume voluntary skating for players.  

With the Islanders set to resume operations Monday, it is thought that the Rangers will be shortly behind them, as soon perhaps as Tuesday, though the number of players who might take advantage of the option remains low.  Only a few players such as Adam FoxChris Kreider and Brendan Lemieux are in the area, and the setup places far heavier restrictions on contact than what might be found in other parts of the country/world.

Still, it’s a step closer to what could amount to an August restart for the NHL and their revised playoff schedule, which will set the Rangers line-up against the Carolina Hurricanes in a best of five series.

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