Glen Sather 1

Who Now?

by Timmy Corbett

The man was a legend, plain and simple, a legendary defenseman. He walked into the hall of fame backwards he was so good. Larry Robinson was a true talent at reading the play and staying on the defensive. He might have scored points, and, yes they came in clusters on those great teams, but defense was always the key.

Robinson read the play in New York the past few weeks, sized it up and decided to keep skating backwards. His friend, Bobby Holik was quoted as letting him know the situation, as a fan, we can fault Holik to not being loyal to the blue sweater we all love. Then again, the blue sweater has become a flag for rent-a-players who owe loyalties to no one. At very least, Bobby Holik was candidly honest to his friend and stood up as a man.

Sather has said himself, he was looking at other candidates, even when Robinson was the front runner. The New York Post has said the family issues that kept Herb Brooks (a former rangers coach) out of the position last year have since been resolved and he may be looking to coach again. He is famous for being the leader on a team where everyone hated him (the 1980- miracle on ice squad) on this talent heavy rich veteran squad that might not work.

Others mentioned are (of course) Mike Keenan, anyone watching the draft has seen Mike Keenan is now the man with the firmest fingerprint on the Florida franchise. Everyone spoke of how players drafted were “Keenan type players”. I think “Iron Mike” will wear his welcome down as he did in Philly, Chicago, St. Louis, Vancouver and even in New York, among others. but he will not be our man this year.

Jim Schoenfeld is another viable candidate, he knows the system and has had long term experience as a head coach behind the bench of the rival New Jersey Devils. He stepped back when offered the position after his friend, Bryan Trottier was fired. Like Herb Brooks, he declined, different reasons, quite the same results.

Ted Nolan has been rumored, I’ll admit, I’m a huge Nolan fan. He has made great players out of marginal ones and good teams out of downright stinkers. This is, however, the rangers. the old joke of how do you make a good goal scorer? Take a great one and place him on the rangers is true. He has no track record with a top heavy squad in front of him and the one superstar he had in Buffalo ( Dominik Hasek ) he had a huge falling out with.

John Tortorella has been mentioned as well, even though he is still under contract with Tampa. He brought his team to the brink with the Devils, he brought his team to respectability. They have a good young core and several good veterans, I don’t see it happening.

Scotty Bowman has said no way, a New York football fan might remember Bill Parcells saying never again… if you’re a Jet, or Giant fan, you know that great coaches might not be able to give it up.

Honestly, I think Slats will be behind the rangers bench next year, as any working man will tell you they hate their boss breathing down their necks. That might be what this slacker bunch needs right now. Sather knows hockey and has been around more than long enough to notice game plans behind the bench, whether you like him as GM or not, you cant deny that. Him being coach/GM will also put the onus on him, no matter what Dolan may say, results or pink slips are the order of the day, especially if a new builder is needed for a tighter financial time after a lockout season.

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