Bryan Trottier

He’s A Ranger Now

by Steve Giacobello

So, after all the questions, talking, and “Sather Bashing” that has gone on lately, turns out that Sather had his mind made up all along. As I stated in a earlier segment of “High Sticking”, Sather is N.Y.’s “MYSTERY MAN”.  Having spoken with Sather before, during and after the playoffs, ex-Islander/Penguin player, and Colorado Avalanche Assistant coach Bryan Trottier was introduced at a Garden press conference as the 30th head coach in history of the Rangers.

During his press conference, Trottier spoke with great confidence about all the things that he feels he can bring to the Rangers that they have been desperately missing for quite some time. Hard work, accountability, discipline, commitment to a system, team work, winning, playoffs, and the Stanley Cup all were talked about by Trottier. Make no mistake about it, Trottier has been successful everywhere he’s been, winning a total of 7 Stanley Cups, both as a player and as a assistant coach in Colorado where he was in charge of the Avalanche’s special teams unit, (an area where the Rangers have been in desperate need of help for quite some time). 

It was a gutsy move not only by Sather offering the job to Trottier, but by Trottier accepting the position. Hiring a hated ex-Islander, who’s won 4 Stanley Cup’s with the Rangers most intense rival, was met with many mixed emotions from not only Rangers fan’s, but Islanders fan’s as well. Would Rangers fan’s find it in them to be able to support and accept Trottier as their new Head Coach? How will Islander fan’s feel about watching one of their former star players from the 1980’s Dynasty team guide the Rangers to possible success? Let’s be realistic here; this should not be made into a “Ranger-Islander” issue. This is a case of Sather going out and getting who he felt was the best man for a open position within his organization. Trottier is young, hungry and anxious to guide the Rangers back to being a team that opponents fear, and have to prepare for. Trottier will bring in a competitive, winning attitude, a system, and instant respect from his players because of his 7 Stanley Cup rings. 

Blueshirt fan’s should be excited about this move, and show the hockey world that not only are we the most faithful, passionate fan’s in the league, but also the most knowledgeable. Instead of looking at Bryan Trottier as an ex-Islander, let’s look at him and support him for what he is…… A Ranger!!!! Bryan Trottier; Head coach of “OUR” N.Y. Rangers. Trottier came up through the ranks the proper way, and patiently waited for his chance to be a head coach. He deserved the chance, and Sather has given it to him. Now he needs our support to help him, and the Rangers be successful.

Remember, he’s a RANGER now!!!!!!

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