Slacks Diary 5

Slacks Diary – July 19th

by Ranger Extreme

Things have been crazy here today. I spent most of the day on the phone. Ron Greschner called me bright and early to tell me that Harry Sinden had phoned him wondering if I had been huffing the paint thinner again. Apparently I called Harry thinking he was still GM of the Bruins and inquiring about Mike. I mean Jason Allison. I reassured good OLE Gresch that I was still riding the thrilling natural high of my David Krappa and Zdeno Ciger signings. I also convinced him I had no intention of dipping into the Dutch Boy again. After thanking Ron profusely I hung up to call Harold Ballard to congratulate him on the Sudin signing. Strange the number was disconnected hmm…

I also had to have my home phone number changed. Some nogoodnik who strangely sounds a lot like George Mcphee keeps filling up my answering machine with insane messages. The caller does nothing but laugh uncontrollably for minutes at a time. But none the less I am an act fast taskmaster so I got the number changed pronto.

Speaking of tasks, after playing yet another rousing game of golf in the “NYR Who’s Your Backup Goalie Invitational”. I made my daily long distance call into the corporate offices. After speaking to the cleaning lady for about 15 minutes about Big Brother 2, I had an interesting conversation with some crazy office security guard. I humored him and asked how it felt to both work and live in the area of your job. We both got a good chuckle after he suggested that maybe I try it someday.

After the call Diary I headed straight to bed where I fell asleep. I then drifted into la la land content with a smile as wide as the point gap from us to the a team who actually will make the playoffs. I was however was comforted by the dreams of my summer of nothing which continued to dance the lambada (the forbidden dance) throughout the night within my empty out of touch NHL Corporate head.


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