Mark Messier 2

Time To Face Reality

by Steve Giacobello

With Mark Messier’s recent demand of a multi-year contract at 5 million per year, Glen Sather once again has a tough decision to make. The personal history between the two obviously doesn’t need to be mentioned; we all know what the two achieved together while in Edmonton, and we understand the friendship and respect each have for one another. But all that has to be put aside, and Sather must look at Messier’s demand from a business point of view and make a business decision here. 

There’s no way Messier can justify asking for what he’s asked for, and there’s no way Sather can justify even considering paying Messier 5 million a year, let alone signing him to a multi-year contract at the age of 41. Considering “The Captain’s”(?) age, recent injury and surgery, and the serious wear and tear that 22 seasons of NHL hockey and 6 Stanley Cup runs does to a player, the ony logical and safe bet would be to sign Messier to a one year contract, with a club option for a second. As for his requested pricetag of 5 million dollars per year; FORGET IT!!!!!! It can’t, and hopefully won’t, be agreed upon. With a payroll that’s over 70 MILLION(!!!), there’s no way the Rangers can, or should throw another 5 million to an aging, declining 41 year old, (42 in January), who’s playing on pride…and pride alone. 

Does Messier really believe he’s worth this much money and has more than, at best, a year or two of hockey left in him…..Or is this just a way to leave the Rangers with the impression that “He wasn’t wanted anymore”? (sound familiar?) It’s obvious Messier is unhappy with the moves made behind the bench; Could this just be an easy way out for him? If that’s the case; (and I believe it is….), he should be ashamed and embarrassed of himself. 

At this stage of his career, money shouldn’ be an issue for Mark…..the man is pretty financially secure; don’t you think? What SHOULD be the issue here, is one thing and one thing only, and that’s…..”What’s right for the Rangers????!!!!!!!”. It’s time for Messier to put his pride aside, and the TEAM first. Time for him to practice what he’s always preached..To do what’s best for the team, and do whatever will give the team the best shot at being successful…(Trottier did it in Pittsburgh, and won two more Cup’s). 

Messier is not worth 5 million a year.. Messier is not worth the risk of a multi year contract…. Messier is not a first or second line center anymore…The sooner he understands, and accepts these things, the sooner the Rangers will have a chance to be successful.. It’s time for the supposed “Greatest team leader in sports” to act like it and face reality.

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