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Looking At The Second Round

by Denis Savage

Ben Eager of Oshawa is the guy i want, will he be there is the question. 37pts in 62 games and 4pts at the WJC for Canada.  He was a first round pick to start the year and has had his stock fall through the year.  A physical specimen who loves to do the gritty work (255PIM) and will drop the gloves but hasn’t scored like expected. He was seen as a true power forward who is capable of fighting and scoring but recent developments tag him as more of a fighter than scorer now.  At 6’2 1/2, 215 a good skater and willing to play a game of heart and use his physical attributes are tough to find.

Rob Globke, 22 pts 31 games, plays for Notre Dame with another prospect who just ended his last year there in David Inman.  The C/RW has good speed and hands to go along with a 6’2, 205 pound frame.  His vision and instincts are coming along at the age of 19. He has 2 years of college experience and he is a hard worker.  He may last to the 2nd round.

Brandon Segal, 83 pts in 71 games, played in Calgary of the WHL last year and scored 40 goals.  He is another big player whose footwork and speed leave a lot to be desired, which could hinder him as it has many other players who could score at the Jr. level.  He plays with an edge (122PIM) and is willing to throw his body around to make a play, but that could be more a lack of speed than anything.  He will drive to the net and park there, and plays good defensively.

Adam Henrich, Brampton, 63 pts in 66 games, is the younger brother of Oilers prospect Michael Henrich.  At 6’4, 214 he needs to continue building muscle to use his frame better.  He is not a fast skater and needs to condition his leg strength.  He has a scorers touch (33 goals) and if he learned to use his size(only 90PIM) he would be a sure first rounder.

Brian McConell, 26 pts in 38 games, of B.U. is a 6’1, 195 C, and I am always partial to BU (boston University in case you were wondering) players. He has been climbing the ranks of recent and plays with heart as well. He still needs to fill out but is not afraid to toss his body around (58PIM). He has soft hands and makes crisp passes. He may be moved to wing one day, and will go in the 2nd round.

Petr Kanko, 60pts in 61 games for Kitchener, 5’10, 190. He is a small player who can blaze.  He has been a bit erratic and actually being more creative than he has to be. He reminds me of a young Kovalev with his moves and not being able to put all that talent together and play on instincts.  He is potentially a steal wherever he goes.  He could end up being as good as anyone in the draft and where he goes in the draft is a mystery, but if he ends up in rd 2 it may be tough to pass him up.  He does need to work on his balance as well as he depends on his speed to keep the puck.

Boyd Gordon, Red Deer 51pts in 66 games, and got getter as the year went on, and had a great playoffs with 22pts in 22 games.  A hard working grinder who will get his body in front of goaltenders to create confusion.  He is not afraid of anyone, but again lacks the pure speed that seems so necessary in today’s game.  He is a tenacious worker and could be a solid addition as a third liner and potential power play wizard to deflect shots who is smart and never takes the bad penalty.  He always hits smartly and is one of the better two way players.

Lance Monych,48pts in 71 games, Brandon.  His second half numbers were a considerable drop from the first half, which brings dedication into mind.  Does he have the heart and commitment to put in the long hours conditioning himself to play a whole season at a high level?  He has good speed and is not easily knocked off the puck.  He has the talent, and occasionally seems like his instincts are out of alignment but if he puts it together another potential steal in the making.

Andy Thompson, 24pts in 71 games with one goal, 21 assists, Kootenay is a mean, hard hitting defenseman with size (187PIM).  He plays like a defenseman should play.  He uses the size he has and is solid in his own end.  He is a true stay at home defenseman in some terms as he will always be the high man back.  He does possess a great hard shot and has command over it.  He could anchor a line with a offensive D-man at his side.

Brian Lee, 19pts in 66 games with 5 goals, Erie, has steadily climbed the ladder in rankings. Small by defensive standards at the moment, most D-men take a little longer to fill out anyway.  He has a solid game and is a safe passer who will do whatever it takes to get the puck out of the D-zone.  This includes playing with an edge (115PIM) and poise and confidence.  He projects as a possible 3/4 defenseman.

Trade up options I wish happened as I don’t see these guys being around.

Vlad Esveev- Injuries have cost him and a poor showing at the WJC but he is a solid 2 way player who has size and could be a power forward at the NHL level.  He is smart and will rebound. 15-20 pick spot after being ranked top 5.

Jim Slater, Michigan State. 32 points in 31 games.  This guy dominated at the college level and is above average in every facet of his game but not getting the hype he deserves currently. 20-25.  Although he should be top 10 and if he falls like Esveev making a push is not out of the question.

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