John Mitchell

Onward Soldier

This team grows on you like a belly over Christmas. Team efforts, night after night. Ranger fans pride in the team growing every day. Why? Because of unsung guys like John Mitchell, thats why. His performance against the islanders was so good, yet so unnoticed. Lost in the more obvious performances of Del Zotto, Dubinsky, Girardi, and the physical play of Stu Bickel.

Mitchell and his linemates Dubinsky and Boyle were outstanding, from the drop of the puck to the Mitchell empty netter. Guaranteed Torts will sport a big smile watching those three on the game tape. Seeing the army of consistent little things Mitchell did against the homeless bunch, makes one realize why this team is where its at. When you have a whole team doing it, the game becomes simpler. But its also a process that has to be renewed every game or the wheels fall off. Mitchell and his teamates appear to be locked on to understanding its a game by game commitment.

Tonight brings in the Flyers, undoubtedly looking to hang onto their slim lead. Ranger motivation should be amped up, as they try to put the final nail into Torts pre Christmas three game capsule. Led by Mitchell and the rest of the committed ones, a barnburner it will be.  A game with the emotional level of a playoff game in December. A little Sather and Co. Christmas present to all Ranger fans.

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