Bryan Trottier

Rangers Head Coach Bryan Trottier?

by Dave Gokhstein

Bryan Trottier was the guy I suggested that Glen Sather should hire as the coach of the New York Rangers.  I just didn’t think Glen Sather would actually go ahead and take my advice.  Bryan Trottier is exactly what the Rangers need, and please, before you e-mail me with “He’s an Islander” save yourself the time and don’t bother.  Bryan Trottier could have turned down the Rangers offer for the head coaching position if he hated the Rangers so badly.  The Cap’s were also very interested in hiring him, but he turned them down to come here.  

Trottier will bring the Av’s style of play to the Rangers. That means playing fast, exciting hockey, but at the same time coming back to play defense.  In addition, he’s coached players like Rob Blake, Joe Sakic, and Petr Forsberg, so there shouldn’t be a problem coaching Lindros and Bure or any of the big name free agents the Rangers sign during this off-season. 

Trottier’s first goal as coach of the Rangers must be to reshape the horrible special teams that has killed this team for the past five years.  He also will have to preach and teach defense.  Offense isn’t the problem, it’s the lazy back checking that needs to be fixed.  Trott’s has to come in here and coach with an “Iron Fist”.  He must be willing to bench any player on the team no matter what their name is, not just bench rookie’s like Ron Low did for the past 2 years.  With all that said, Bryan Trottier is without a doubt, the perfect coach for the Rangers.


The 2-Line pass rule must be taken out of the game.  It would allow the game of hockey to be exciting again, and it would actually make trapping teams play hockey.

Herb Brooks heart wasn’t in it to coach the Rangers.  So why was Glen Sather still trying to get him to coach before making the move for Bryan Trottier?

Ted Nolan must have done something really wrong to get black-eyed like this.  I really doubt the guy even had a chance at the Rangers head coaching position.

Let me say this again, THE RANGERS MUST SIGN RICHTER.  Richter wasn’t the problem the past 5 years, it was the so called defense that played in front of him.

Mark Messier should come back for another year.  Why not have Messier being the Rangers 3rd line center?  Messier is far from done.  In a reduced role, he would actually be a key part of getting the Rangers back to the playoffs.  Just look at Ron Francis.  Don’t tell me Francis is a better player than Messier.

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