Lee Falardeau

Trading Up…

by Gary Pino

The Rangers could trade up to target maybe someone in the top 20, but if they do not, then these are some of the kids who may be on his wish list or at the least get some hard looks?  I took a look at some kids who may be of service to the Rangers in the draft, this year “The selection is very small”, Really I looked for defensemen for the New York Rangers. I feel it’s an area where we need some depth? Sather has been very good on draft days so I expect he has some good prospects in mind?

Really on draft day anything can happen, and it usually does! Some top prospects slip down the ladder and the kids out of the top-20 move up.

Ryan Whitney – USA
Ht: 6-3 1/2
Wt: 202
Pos: D
Ryan is a top 5 defenseman in the draft, and I would not expect him to be around late in the draft. He is a big kid, patient and mobile. Not very gritty, big and an obstacle to say the least!

Pierre-Marc Bouchard – Canada
Ht: 5-9 1/2
Wt: 155
Pos: C
Don’t let his size fool you, he is a goal scoring, and point machine. Has superior puck moving skills, his last full season with Chicoutimi he scored 46 goals, 94 assists in 69 games. He’s Canadian, and Sather loves guys like him.

Anton Babchuk – Russia
Ht: 6-4
Wt: 194
Pos: D
Babchuck in all probability will be available if the Ranger’s are interested? He is very physical and will play in the corners. Scouts question his hockey sense.

Jiri Hudler – Russia
Ht: 5-9
Wt: 176
Pos: C
His nickname is “The Shrimp” but in his case great things come in small packages. He had 14 points in the World under-18 championship, as the captain for the Czech’s who captured the bronze medal.

Martin Vagner – Czech-Rep.
Ht: 6-1
Wt: 214
Pos: D
He is compared to Thomas Kaberle of the Leafs. He is a great skater with good hands and fantastic vision. He plays a mean edged game, and would be an asset for whomever picks him. He will need to develop his overall game, but he may be a nice project for John Paddock to bring along?

Eric Nystrom – USA
Ht: 6-1
Wt: 195
Pos: LW
Why not mention him, he is ranked 15th by TSN, and Trottier is now the head coach, so you never know? Smooth skater and very tough! Sound familiar?

Jakub Koreis – Czech Rep.
Ht: 6-3
Wt; 205
Pos: C
He will get bigger and if developed properly, he will be in the 220lb range. He is a finesse player with good skill. He is a hard worker, and may be around come late in the draft?

Ben Eager – Canada
Ht: 6-2
Wt: 210
Pos: LW
A hard worker with great size and is not afraid to get dirty. Uses his massive frame very well. He is also very strong on his skates. Could develop into a key player down the road?

Johnny Boychuk – Canada
Ht: 6-2
Wt: 209
Pos: D
Very rough around the edges, he is a good skater, hitter and has a good shot. Too much to iron out, but he does what you tell him to do. He is Canadian, and I am sure Sather may at least take a look at him?

Barry Tallackson – USA
Ht: 6-4
Wt: 196
Pos: RW
The knock on him is he is lazy; the good is he can score and take the body. Compared to Eric Cole.

Rob Globke – USA
Ht: 6-2
Wt: 200
Pos: C/RW
A good utility player, a big framed kid, who could have gone in the 1st round, but his play slipped last season and so did his ranking. Plays hard on “some” nights, has good hands and a good shot. Need to be taught at a higher level, and hopefully he will become more motivated?

Duncan Keith – Canada
Ht: 6-0
Wt: 169
Pos: D
Obviously needs to bulk up! But he is the type of gritty player the Devils would draft. Very talented and a great skater, and good around the net.

Adam Henrich – Canada
Ht: 6-4
Wt: 230
Pos: LW
An absolute bulldozer when he goes to the net! But he is inconsistent, and needs to work on all aspects of his game.

Justin Maiser – USA
Ht: 6-1
Wt: 191
Pos: C
A highly combative, and borderline dirty player with decent skills. He takes hitting too far sometimes and spends a lot of time in the box. Its hard to find bruising centers, and I think may go sooner than later?

Greg Campbell – Canada
Ht: 6-0
Wt: 191
Pos: LW
The son of NHL vice-president Colin Campbell, has good talent and feel for the game. He is a good role player and had tremendous hockey sense.

Lee Falardeau – USA
Ht: 6-4 1/2
Wt: 203
Pos: LW
A very good 2-way player, he always finishes checks, and uses his big frame to his advantage. He also can step up his game if he has to. My guess is he will be a late pick?

When looking for big defensemen in the draft this year, I took into consideration the Canadian prospect because of Sather’s preference of Canadian player’s. For a draft as frail as this year’s, I think the Rangers can actually get some help if they are smart come time to pull the trigger.

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