Slacks Diary 2

Slacks Diary – July 18th

by Ranger Extreme

I just got word from the pool cleaner that the Blackhawks signed Steve Thomas. I made a call to the The Wurtzman to tell him congrats on the signing. He asked me if I had anything on the back burner.  That’s when I remembered that I had forgot the Steak-Umms I had began cooking on the stove before I called him, unfortunatley I didn’t get to them in time.  They are completely Burnt.  Reminds me of my Maladog signing last year.

I made my daily Long Distance call to the office. The cleaning lady informed me that Jason Allison might be available.  I immediately called Harry and he was still pissed Ray had brought the Cup to Boston.  I joked that I was gonna bring the playoffs home to N.Y.

He laughed heartily quipping You wont sniff the playoff race this year not with that sieve of a defense your sporting and no backup goalie. He advised me to axe Don Maloney. He mocked and joked that a Maloney affiliated team hadn’t made the playoffs since the Islander David Volek Era. I hung up on Harry he’s always cranky. I forgot what I called him for in the first place oh well…

I called David Voleks Agent. It seems David has been out of hockey for sometime. I told Tom Renney to start the negotiations. I am to busy to be bothered with the minor details of running a N.Y franchise. I am going to Halifax to fly kites with ex- Facts of Life Star Mindy Cohen. I had a great time flying Kites diary. Mindy is a wonderful gal. Only problem is that when I look at her all I see is Tom “Old Time Hockey” Mcvie.

After the kite flying I was exhausted. I made a long distance quick call into the office. All is still good in Rangerland. I thank the Hockey Gods diary that there is not one hockey writer ,radio personality in the Big Apple that has the slightest clue about hockey or my Summer of Nothing Plan. I just keep saying to myself a penny saved is a penny earned. Speaking of which I wonder what Steve Penney is doing these days. I’ll get Donnie on that tomorrow…


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